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Monday, June 18, 2007

Lakers Tickets: I won't be buying any next year!

Ok, I am sick of hearing all of this Kobe Bryant trade nonsense. Dr. Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak have to be absolutely crazy if they listen to any of the demand and make a trade for anyone. The latest rumors are a set of deals that end with either Gilbert Arenas (just had a season ending knee injury) or Paul Pierce (injury plagued) ending up in Los Angeles. Let me tell you this, if Kobe Bryant is traded from the Lakers this offseason, I will not be buying ANY Lakers tickets next year.

And while I am not currently a season ticket holder, (I am on the waitlist at around #600) I do buy a good number of tickets in the Premier or 100's level each year for both the regular season and the playoff tickets. Something around 10 games in total. While I do not expect the folks running the team to specifically listen to me -- I believe this is the sentiment of a large number of folks in the Los Angeles area.

It's also getting to the point where there is plenty of blame to pass around, on both sides of the issue. Mitch Kupchak has done what I consider to be a poor job as the GM, Jerry Buss has allowed him to do this, and finally Kobe should not be airing his opinions through the media and his blog. For example, this piece showed up yesterday on Kobe's website.

The more I thought about the future, the more I became convinced that the Lakers
and me just have two different visions for the future. The Lakers are pursuing a
longer-term plan that is different from what Dr. Buss shared with me at the time
I re-signed as a free agent. I have seen that plan unfold for the last three
years and watched great trade opportunities come and go, and have seen free
agents passed on. That has led to the Lakers not winning a playoff series. All
of that was frustrating in itself, but then, this week to have someone "inside"
the Laker organization try to blame me in the media for us not being a contender
right now -- that is what brought me to my current position today.

While Kobe has a point, Lebron made it to the finals with what some would consider an inferior lineup than what the Lakers are able to put on the floor. Plus, then Lamar Odom and Luke Walton are injured almost the entire season -- tough to beat the Phoenix Suns in any playoff series.

If Kobe in fact ends up engineering a trade here after the fallout from the Shaq departure a few years ago, his legacy will be forever tarnished. Questions about his ability to get it done and win a championship without Shaq will remain. The fact that he could not get the Lakers over the hump without Shaq would be there. The fact that he abandoned the team that placed their bets on him would remain. Overall not a good thing for Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers #24 (or #8 if you prefer).

I am sure there will be more to come on this, but the bottom line is that Kobe must be in Los Angeles next year -- and the Los Angeles Lakers must add some more pieces to their puzzle to make things work. More on this to come, I am sure.


Anonymous said...

LeBron is in the East. You understand that? The Lakers faced the Suns, 10 times tougher that any team the Cavs faced on their road to the finals.

Yeah, a lot of executives and rich people won't be buying tickets, but screw them. They're not real fans. I'll be cheering from the nosebleeds baby.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Kobe is number 24, in case you never realized.


Ken Hanscom said...

JP, sounds like I struck a nerve of both accords. Suns 10 times tougher than anything Lebron faced? A little exaggeration there, no doubt. Hard to believe the Lakers would have even beaten the Cavs with their performance in the playoffs. The definitely would not have gotten past the Nets or the Pistons.

That being said, I did not say I would not cheer for the Lakers next year -- you can guarantee that will not change. However, what I will not do is continue lining the pockets of Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak for ill decision making.

Yes, Kobe's been #24 for a whole year near -- and a previous 9 years at #8.

Anonymous said...

I disagree.

The Nets and Pistons are nothing compared to the Phoenix Suns.

The Nets only have Jason Kidd and the inconsistent Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter. They couldn't stop LeBron. Kobe would KILL them.

The Pistons would have been more of a challenge, true, but with the horrible defense that Flip was coaching, Brian Cardinal could have put on a show.

The LAKERS are inferior to the Cavaliers.

PG - Cavaliers: (.)(.)"Can nail an open shot" Gibson, defensive specialist and experienced Eric Snow.

Lakers: Defensive liability, inconsistent, bad-attitude Smush Parker, rookie Jordan Farmar

Cavs: 1-0 ... and the Cavs have a hole at the PG position...

SG - Lakers: The best individual player in the world, energy and efficient Maurice Evans, Sasha "worst good shooter ever" Vujacic

Cavs: Damon "my position is undefined" Jones, Larry "I have no place in this team" Hughes and uh....the rest of the scrub guards.

Lakers 1 - Cavs 1

SF - Cavs: LeBron, Pollard, Pavlovic, Marshall.

SF - Lakers: Luke Walton, Vladimir "King of the snow mountain" Radmanovic, Cookie

Lakers 1 - Cavs 2

PF - Lakers: Brian "all I can do is shoot" Cook, Vlad Rad, Ronny Turiaf, Lamar Odom

PF - Cavs: Varejao, Gooden and scrubs

Lakers 2 - Cavs 2

C - Lakers: Baby "inconsistent" Bynum, Kwame "inconsistent" Brown

Cavs: Zydrunas "at least I can do more than Kwame and Bynum put together" Illgauskas and Varejao

Cavs win.

Ken Hanscom said...

It's ok to disagree. The bottom line here is that the Lakers would have lost to the Cavaliers, and most would argue that the Pistons were the East's best team -- only the matchups with the Cavs did them in.

As for the Nets, the Lakers barely beat them in their regular season match-ups all the way back in November and December -- when they were still playing good and before both the Lamar and Luke injuries. Doubtfull the Lakers would have made it through them. However, they definitely would not have made it through the Pistons or the Cavs.

Jess said...

If we're going by matchups, Kobe alone can defeat the Mavericks.

I have a hard time believing that a healthy Laker team would lose to the Cavaliers.

Anonymous said...

Theres no comparison.. THE CAVS ARE A BETTER TEAM! They are a defensive team! #1 in rebounds, and they did have as much injury issues as the Lakers.

Kwame- ankle (just did surgery).
Odom- shoulder
Vlad- shoulder & brain
Mihm- don't know where but he's been out for at least 2years.

There whole starting lineup (excluding KOBE) were/are injured.

Then theres

Cook: sufferers from ADD(no but seriously) does not play D.
Smush: selfish PG and is a cancer.. also plays no defense.
Shammond: crappy PG and is too old.(32)
McKie: was 6th man of the year in 2000 but he's 34 years old.
Bynum: too young(hope they trade him).
Evans: horrible player.
Odom: inconsistent and plays no defense.
Luke: no jumpshot & athletic ability.
Kwame: Rock hands.