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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Leaving Dog Food Outside While Camping

Ok, without reading this post -- you already know where this is going. On the first night of our vacation we were staying at Pismo State Beach campground in Oceano, California. While it is no Pismo Coast Village, it is still pretty decent as far as California state campgrounds go.

We arrived in the middle of the afternoon and were told we could only stay in the park for 15 minutes due to the 3 license plate limit per campsite. However, my sister and brother-in-law nicely swapped out their vehicle to the outside parking and let us load and unload our stuff at the RV trailer.

Hook ups were decent, at least there was full power and water, but no sewer or cable connections. Oh the difficulties of camping. In addition, my parents 29-ft HP Sprinter Fifth Wheel trailer makes for a pretty nice place to "live" while camping.

Now onto the story. During our couple excursion during the day, I made extra special care to place all of our chocolate lab's (Luey) inside the travel trailer along with with the dog to make sure nothing would be disturbed. Given the relative seclusion of the park, I thought it was best to be safe.

The somehow that evening, I forgot to bring in his plastic box tote inside the fifth wheel trailer at night when we went to bed. I think you know what is coming. In the morning when Ashley went outside to let the dog out and you guessed it - an absolute mess outside. What looks like is a ocuple of animals (Racoons? Dogs?) busted into the plastic container that contained all of his food and treats for the week.

Food and treats were strewn all over the campsite. Basically a weeks worth of dog food for an 85lb dog was gone. Interestingly his favorite treats, some peanut butter flavored dog biscuits were untouched. None the less, we learned a lesson and made a quick stop to the local pet store to pick up some new dog food - Science Diet lamb and rice. Never again will the dog food be left outside of a locked compartment, plastic or not!