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Monday, June 18, 2007

P2KCommander - Motorola Compatibility List for Phones

I have posted numerous article on our Motorola V3 RAZR and all the great things you can do with it. A lot of the modification and management posts have been about the free program called "P2K Commander" or "P2KCommander" and how to install and use it.

I recent came across the following compatibility list below of all the Motorola phones that P2K Commander should work with. I am curious if you phone is on the list and if you have gotten P2KCommander to work. If your phone is not on the list below and works with P2K Commander, please let me know so I can update it and make it more current with a comment below!

Compatible phones with P2KCommander:

  • a1000
  • c650
  • e398
  • e550
  • e770v
  • e815
  • e1000
  • e1070
  • v220
  • v235
  • v262
  • v265
  • v300
  • v325
  • v360
  • V360v
  • v365
  • v525
  • v550
  • v550e
  • v540/v551
  • v557
  • v600
  • v620
  • v635
  • v710
  • t710
  • v975
  • v980
  • RAZR V3
  • RAZR V3c
  • RAZR V3i
  • RAZR V3t
  • RAZR V3e
  • RAZR V3x
  • RIZR Z3
  • SLVR L6
  • SLVR L7
  • SLVR L7e
  • ROKR e1
  • 3G
  • PEBL U6


Anonymous said...

my V3t doesn't work. I need help!

Anonymous said...

the list of compatible phones does not include v3m phone. Does that mean I can't use these drivers. If not, then where I can find them? Thanks.

Ken Hanscom said...

It means that it is not known to be compatible. It may or may not be. Perhaps you can be the first to report back!

pawlwawl said...

hey ken,
I would like to know which version of P2KCommander is right for Windows 98

DominicansexyMoFo said...

Thank for this walkthrough but my model is a V3r wich is not listed in your list. I installed the program anyway; it says: phone connected but it doesn´t give the option ¨P2k mobile phone¨. That´s because of my phone model or I´m doing something wrong? and if P2k doesn´t work with my V3r can you give me another option? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have a V3m and have followed the procedure to download and install version 4.9.D of P2k. Also downloaded the latest V3 driver set from the Motorola web site. Charging via the USB cable works. Unfortunately, P2k does not. I get a "Usb p2k device found, phone connected!" and "Tci command set: 3G fast" message but if I choose /a P2k Phone system from the drop down, the s/w locks up. Any advice would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I also have the V3m and can get the phone to charge by the USB cable but cannot get the P2k to work I've tried P2Kcommander, P2K tools and BitPim and they all are unable to make a connection with the phone.

I too would appreciate any help.


Geoff said...

to brian and andy,
i too have a V3m but am not even getting my phone to charge via USB, what version of windows are you using?

Anonymous said...

The V3M does work with p2k. I have not been able to tranfer files yet, but I have been able to change ring styles to vibe then ring. In addition to this site, check out
If the url to another site is not allowed, the above will most likely be blank

Anonymous said...

ive installed tht p2k software to transfa files frm ma moto v3r to the pc but it dusnt give d option of p2k moblie phone what could be tht problem??

gerard said...

Like several others above, I too have a V3M and can successfully charge the phone via USB, but cannot get P2K to work. P2K says there is not phone connected. I even tried the URL in one of the comments above but that didn't work either.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can pick these drivers up off the net?

Anonymous said...

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed useful, correct information here!!


None of the suggestions presented seem (that's the English "seem", not Moto-ese ... what is a "seem" anyway?) Anyway... None of this works for my new "MOTORAZR V3a". Not to brag, but I'm very well skilled in installing stuff into Windows XP Pro (and all the older versions), plus with programming, hardware, the lot. I know I could go get all the manuals & write a driver myself (in MASM -- wrote hardware device drivers, m'kay?), but all I really need at the moment is a clear, concise description of why all of you have such a good time with this, but the instructions don't work on (and no driver can be found for) a "MOTORAZR V3a". As you know, there are many "V3___ (even the customary use of 'x' is misapplied here, as in "V3x" doesn't mean "Anything starting with 'V3' -- screw standards, eh Moto?)

Anyway, where is the "MOTORAZR V3a" driver? Not in the LATEST VERSION of P2K Commander, and certainly not in the next-previouis one.

A more fundamental question, of course, would be Why can't Motorola find some sort of standard? Their nasty habit, of re-inventing the wheel every time they go out, dates back to their early days. Seems some things never change; repeating the same behavior over and over, yadda-yadda-yadda ...

So please, someone, go get a "MOTORAZR V3a" in America (it's not the "V3a PRC"! Tried that! No pictures, no phone book.) & see if you can figure this out.

And please tell Motorola THIS is exactly why they can't even see the "top of the heap", never mind aspire to be there.

Meanwhile, I have tried so many different ways (following directions on various fori) to get this working, I may just have to Format C: & reinstall Windows (XP PRo SP2) to clean up the mess.

Thank you,

Motorola FAN 4Ever (despite the punishment they dole out)

Anonymous said...


The FAQ says, to get this to work,
"3.) P2kdrivers installed (attached to P2kCommander in p2kdrivers_2.8)"


I just downloaded the latest version, extracted all the files, no error messages anywhere. And NO HINT of any "p2kdrivers_2.8" anywhere on my PC.

Is this an outdated FAQ? Are the drivers now contained elsewhere? Did I get a "blown download"?

I realize this is freeware, but when the FAQ just generates more questions, then what?

Anonymous said...

Another V3m troubled with the same problems listed here & cannot find the p2kdrivers. I was able to get the V3c to recognize my V3m and the phone now charges off of my XP pro, but then it came up with the following 3 devices unrecognized. Motorola Accessory, Motorola MCU Data Logger, & Motorola Test Command. Any information would be helpful

Anonymous said...

Will a V3a- grey Razr work??
thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi p2kcommander (along with motorola software updater or MSU, and drivers) appears to work with my new verizon Motorola motokrzr k1m, have not actually done much with it yet, and its a little buggy but can see the files on the phone etc.
Ken, you seem quite knowledgeable about the moto v3 razr, is this similar to k1m, and could I possibly use some of your guides to un-cripple my phone, thanks


HI- Has a P2k Commander download been made available? I've tried EVERYTHING! Please help me!

Ken Hanscom said...

Check out this URL for the complete list:


Anonymous said...

V3xx isn't on the list =(

Anonymous said...

I have had success also with the Motorola Hint QA30. Excellent progam.