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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pismo Beach Classic Car Show - 22nd Annual - Saturday

For Father’s Day weekend and specifically today for my Dad’s 59th birthday we are up in Pismo Beach, California for their annual “Classic Car Show.” This year’s installment is the 22nd Annual edition of the Pismo Beach Classic – and our family’s 2nd visit. We were last here for 20th annual back in 2005 and had a great time. Last year we missed the 900+ cars and the 120,000 plus fans that visited for the weekend.

22nd Annual Pismo Beach Pomeroy Street

This year we were expecting Ashley's dad Phil to join us with his 2007 Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 at the show. However, a late rafting trip reservation took precedent and he really missed out. Given that we ran into his car's twin with the same color scheme -- except with a convertible top.

22nd Pismo Beach Classic 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible

The show itself was just as we expected. Crowds, tough to find parking, and lots of great classic cars to look at. The Pismo Beach pier area was socked in with the coastal fog in the morning, yet cleared early enough in the afternoon to provide some enjoyable sunlight and fun.

In terms of cars it seemed the show was dominated by Classic Cheverolet Camaros -- perhaps over 100 similar vehicles in total. There we also a good number of Ford Thunderbird, Ford Mustang, & Chevy Chevelles that provided the a large percentage of the cars that could be viewed. And perhaps the most surprising were the number of Road Runners that were there -- my count was somewhere around 10. Perhaps the first time I remember seeing that number in some time.

22nd Pismo Beach Classic 1955 Chevy Bel-Air

Watch for blog posts to follow with more details on some of the specific cars and the show. Also, enjoy a couple of shots from Saturday's show.....

Were you there? I would love to hear about it!