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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sony PS3 Update Version 1.81 Available for Playstation

Wow, seems like every time I turn on my Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) a system update is required to continue. In fact, my PS3 greeted me with the message "System Update Required" today before I could even play the Blu-Ray movie I was planning to watch!

While the updated was downloaded, I decided to check out WikiPedia again to see what they are saying about this update. It looks like I missed 1.80, which was a major update.

Released on 24 May 2007.

Added the ability to:
Upscale DVDs, PSOne and PS2 games to 1080p.
Copy PSOne/PS2 game saves from PS3 to Memory Cards using a Memory Card adaptor.
Downscale Blu-ray video to 720p.
Edit CD information and submit it to AMG.
Print photos via USB. (Currently, only select Epson printers connected are compatible)
Zoom and crop images.
Added Remote Play over the Internet. (Broadband connection and PSP firmware v3.50 required)
Added DLNA compatibility.
Added support for the xvYCC color space.
Added a new slideshow type.
(Unofficial) Many users of Westinghouse 1080p monitors have reported this update to fix a notorious blinking problem over the HDMI interface.

Released on 15 June 2007, version 1.81 was a minor update.
The method of setting RGB Full Range (HDMI) under Display Settings was improved.[2]
The stability of the network connection used during gameplay was improved for some PlayStation 2 format software titles that support online gaming.
This update looks like it adds a lot of good functionality, too bad my Sony model KP-51HW40 only supports 1080i and no HDMI. Some day, I am sure. And lastly, looks like I am not too late on the 1.81 update, it was just released yesterday by Sony!

The update was larger than the past ones I had installed, most likely due to the updates with version 1.80. In total, it took about 15 minutes to download and install the updates via the wireless connection.


Anonymous said...

The instructions for repairing the "Green" arch lines on my Sony HDTV worked to perfection. The repair shop wanted to charge me $540 to replace a lens.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken,

Wow....your post has been helping people out for two years now, I sure appreciate it. My repair took just over 10 minutes! Thanks again.

Mary said...

We have a KDF-E50A10. There are vertical line running across the top of the picture. They are evenly spaced and appear multicolored. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I have had my TV almost 10 years. Slowly the quality has been dwindling and finally over the last month or so, the red has just gotten annoyingly bright. I was researching a new TV, but found this blog instead and I am glad I did. This fix brought the color back, including the read and then when I re-calibrated the screen the picture is as sharp as it was when I got it.

Thanks so much for posting this.


Anonymous said...

I'm wonderin. My tv turns on and doesn't get bright enough to see, and the red light on front keeps blinking. Would this help or am I unlucky enough to need a dump truck call

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken , It seems that everyone has it in for us repair guys.I'll get to that in another post.Your "fix" works great ,but it is dangerous- it must be done with the TV on and open . the dial box has over 1000 volts , enough energy to Arc (jump through the air) and hit a hand or finger and Kill you . Nowhere do you advise to use an insulated tool to adjust ,or not to touch anything with bare hands , or to remove kids and pets from the room while the TV is open. This fix requires safety measures , and your fans need to know this . Please advise of this in your 'how to' ,before someone hurts or kills themselves-Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am just grateful that you posted this..I am a single mother of two and didnt have money to have a repair man come and fix this projection tv. I was about ready to post on craigslist for a free projection tv for parts until I read this and decided it wouldnt hurt to give it a shot. Your directions were so detailed and everything was just as you said. My tv now works perfect even better than before..thank you so much and God Bless You..I am truely grateful.:)