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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bangalore's Paparazzi - One of the World's 82 Best?

Good question. As we drove through Central Bangalore tonight on our way to the Royal Orchid Central hotel, we ran into an interesting signs, "One of the World's Best 82 restaurants." Seeing that sign and such acclaim, we were looking forward to meeting some family and co-workers at the Paparazzi restaurant located on the 10th floor with an expansive view of the night Bangalore skyline.

In fact, The Hindu had this to say about it:

`Paparazzi' among world's elite restaurants

CHENNAI : `Paparazzi', the global cuisine restaurant owned by the Royal Orchid group, has been selected amongst an elite group of restaurants worldwide by travel magazine Conde Naste Traveller, in recognition of its "great food, outstanding service and sophisticated style." Royal Orchid Hotels is the largest hotel chain in Bangalore. The group plans to add three hotels in Pune.
The sophisticated style of the Paparazzi restaurant is apparent when you walk in. A smallish dining area set with modern furnishing and tableware. However, on this night this is where the good impressions would end.

Our first bad experience was when it was time to order drinks. In terms of Gin, there were 5 different types on there starting with Bombay Sapphire. When someone in our party requested it, we were told they were out. Then the second item on the list, out. Then the third item on the list, out. Finally when it got down to Gordon's Dry Gin, that was available. They passed.

Then it came time for the beer list. I started with a request for Amstel Light, and another person requested Karlsberg. Both were unavailable. Given the experience with the Gin we asked what was available. Kingfisher. Corona. Heineken, but only two of them left. Not a good start for any restaurant, especially one that was supposedly one of the 82 best in the world.

The night went pretty much like the drink order. Fortunately we got by the appetizers without anythings that they were out of, but several things on the dinner menu were out or unavailable. At least we were all able to order.

The food itself was not bad, actually pretty decent but nothing to really rave about. The service was slow, which ended up leading to us being asked to leave shortly after we finished dinner -- at 11:30pm. (For those of you not aware of Bangalore, everything closes at about 11:30pm due to law. That is a little difficult to get used to when you have been living in the Los Angeles area for awhile and most places do not close before 2:00am.)

If you are planning to visit Paparazzi, do not let this discourage you, especially if you do not care about the drinks or food. The view and atmosphere was very pleasant and the food that we did get was prepared as expected.

Have you been to Paparazzi? Was your experience any different?


The Author said...

Went last night - and a very similar experience! I should have known better than to stray from my favourites! Expensive and bad food, same issues with the drinks, only this time it was their wine list that was lacking, and just general apathy on the part of many of the staff. Will NOT be returning!