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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blackberry 8800 – Will my GPS Work Internationally? Not in India.

Well, at least do not count on it.

Without first checking the United States military and policy on the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS), my assumption was that the GPS system in my RIM Blackberry 8800 would work both in India and Germany. Since Google Maps had pretty good coverage, I was looking forward to the GPS assistance. It seemed reasonable that since it uses satellite coverage to locate the signals that they could still be located in India.

In fact, BlackberryCool posted just a few days earlier that Air-Tel, which is the cell phone provider in the Bangalore area (Hutch is another popular wireless carrier in India) was announcing their own GPS Navigation software for the Blackberry 8800 series of phones. GPS must work there, even on the US phones, correct?

However, while I was in India I could not get any GPS signal. I knew that my TeleNav GPS Navigator probably would not work since I configured it for the USA, but I assumed I would get some signal. Nope, nothing, zilch. By going to Options --> Advanced Options --> GPS I could not get latitude or longitude information or locate any satellites. Through Google Maps I tried as well, but the error message that kept coming back – “Signal to weak to determine location”.

This was not just in Bangalore, but also occurred in New Delhi and Agra. Bummer, on a couple of occasions it would have helped!

Has anyone else tried the GPS internationally? Did I miss a setting change? Let me know with a comment.


Anonymous said...

Google it, you will find heaps of information on it. Try something like "blackberry 8800 gps not working."

I have the same problem unfortunately.