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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogger Languages – A Funny Thing Happened Today

I wonder if Google & Blogger are too smart for themselves. The reason that I wonder is that a very funny thing happened today in Cancun, Mexico. When I signed it to catch up on a couple of postings – I logged into Blogger like I normally do. However, something very strange happened. Upon completion of the auto-login to the Google account things were completely different.

How different were they? Not too much, just that – the language on everything was now Spanish rather than English. Apparently, Google’s Blogger decided to detect that my IP address was coming from a location here in Cancun, Mexico and reacted to that. Every link and instructional information was now in Spanish on my Dashboard – without evening asking me if that was my choice. Very odd behavior.

Furthermore, it took me a few seconds to find and realize where the I could change the setting for language because 1) I am not completely fluent in Spanish anymore, and 2) I have never really looked for our cared about the languages setting. However, I hit the drop-down for language and found “Ingles – English” and everything went back to normal.

Here’s the odd part, I have logged into Blogger from several different countries including Germany and India and have not had this behavior. I actually suggest that the automatic language detection and changing for someone who already has a Google and a Blogger account that is set to English is a bad idea and bad user experience.

I guess I need to report this to the folks at Blogger as a bug that needs to get fixed.