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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Costco Surprise - Vizio 42” LCD TV Arrived Today!

Costco definitely knows how to set expectations and then far surpass them. When I decided to pull the trigger on my new HDTV, the Vizio 42” LCD FHDTV (VU42LF) on Sunday, Costco set my expectations that it takes up to 20 days for the item to ship. While I was looking for a TV, it was more of an impulse buy because of the great price and discount. So, I was initially “OK” with waiting 20 days for the new HD Television set.

Then today, I get an unexpected shipment notice from Costo with the UPS tracking number. To my surprise, the delivery day is today – just two days after my purchase. Great news on that! It happens to be perfect timing since I have a new HDTV tuner and DVR on the way to me on Friday.

So, I wait for the UPS person and when it arrives – the Vizio 42” LCD is just as expected. It’s relatively light at only 46 pounds and it is very simple to set up.

My new Vizio 42-inch LCD HDTV VU42LF

To my expectations, after the initial channel scan, I carefully inspect the screen to make sure there are no “frozen” or “stuck” pixels on the LCD screen. The built-in HDTV tuner also picks up the stations on the Time Warner cable system (being replaced by Verizon FiOS) and shows them in 1080i.

More to come as I am able to watch some TV and movies on the new Vizio 42” LCD television!