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Friday, July 13, 2007

Flight to Bangalore Leaves in 1 Hour

I am sitting here in the Business Class lounge at Los Angeles International (LAX) airport almost sure that I left something behind for this trip. I am heading to Bangalore (Bengaluru), India for a buisness trip and my flight thru Frankfurt, Germany on Lufthansa Airlines leaves in just about an hour. While it is too late to get anything I forgot, I have this nagging fear that I left something major behind. However, while at home I double and triple checked everything. Ashley even quizzed me. Oh well, I am sure if I left something behind -- I can live without it for a week.

The trip to the airport today was pretty uneventful. I picked up Jonathan, my co-worker on the way to LAX and traffic was not too much to complain of.

The biggest surprise is that my coveted 2A seat on the Boeing 747-400 airplane was somehow changed by Lufthansa and I ended up with an isle seat some rows further back in the middle section of three. I complained just a little, but apparently there was nothing Lufthansa could -- or wanted to do.

From there, the baggage line was the longest I had seen in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. In fact, the north-most (right hand) side was backed all the way up to the door. We choose a slightly shorter line, but it still took awhile to get through the baggage drop-off -- almost 20 minutes. However, then the normal security line was pretty short and we zoomed right through.

Since my last International trip, the Tom Bradley International terminal at LAX has undergone some significant changes. Better to say that it is undergoing some changes. Apparently they are re-doing the lounge and now this Business lounge is off the main terminal -- meaning you have to jump in a bus, drive about a mile and half over the runways and go to some make-shift area where a bunch of portable structures are.

For the temporary nature of it, the Business lounge is pretty nice. And, its was actually fun driving across the runways, er jetways with planes and everything going around us.

Looks like it is time to head towards the gate to board the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, catch up with you once I get to Bangalore.