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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Journey to Cancun, Mexico to Vacation

Today we are headed east and down to Cancun, Mexico for a one-week vacation. We are staying in the Hilton Cancun Beach & Golf Resort, thanks to Hilton HHonor points that we have been accumulating over the past several months. The journey took a little longer today than we would have hoped for, but at least we made it.

The trip to the terminal was actually the easiest part. We left early enough, plus it was a Sunday morning so no traffic to be spoke of on Highway 101 or Interstate 405. The Parking Spot was relatively empty other than a lady walking into her car door. Even the United terminal was not too bad, given that our flight left at 10:20am and the rush of flights to the east coast had already left.

But, then the fun began. As it approached 9:00am and our wonderful Ted flight (since when did Ted make International flights to Mexico?) was not at the gate, I had a feeling that something was up. Then, a few minutes later we were moved to Gate 70A from Gate 72. Since the flight to Washington/Baltimore was already late leaving – I knew we were in for a long day. Not only had weather in the Washington, D.C. area delayed flights on the ground, but something was holding up our Ted Airbus A320 out of Las Vegas.

Once the plane made it in from Las Vegas, we were already scheduled to leave an hour late. Then, there was an issue with the Airbus A320 equipment. The side emergency exit raft was reporting issues and the ground crew could not easily fix it without taking the airplane out of service. What that meant that even though our flight was scheduled to be over water for only 25 minutes, it exceeded the FAA regulations. In turn, we now had to fly only over land (other than the take-off from LAX – adding an extra hour to the flight time.

The damage? Over 3 hours in total on the delay front. It could have been worse, it simply meant that we arrived into Cancun after dark and 8:00pm, the cut-off to picking up our tickets for our Tulum and Xel-Ha trip tomorrow. Nothing that a quick call to the concierge could not fix.

Upon arriving, it was very over-cast and humid – to be expected. Warmer than Bangalore, India where I had just been – but cooler than New Delhi – good news. The weather is supposed to be this way all week with occasional showers – although we hope for better.

Transportation to the Hilton Cancun Beach & Golf Resort by Balam and the nice Suburban SUV was nice and easy – $50 for the round trip. We ended up with a great ocean view room with a large balcony at the resort. An free upgrade to a Villa due to Hilton HHonors status was available, but only with a garden view so we choose that. Very nice room still, and nothing to complain about -- especially for a free 7-night stay.

Flight and Trip to Cancun, Mexico to the Hilton Cancun Beach and Golf Resort

The concierge at this resort gets huge two-thumbs up. Not only did they contact us via email in advance of our trip to help with the planning, but they took care of our late arrival issue and tickets tomorrow with ease.

After our tiring trip we had a quick meal at the Spices restaurant and rested for our trip’s early morning. This resort reminds me a lot of the Hilton Hawaiian Village – I will draw some camparisons later in the week!