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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Motorola Phone Tools - How to Create Multiple Phone Profiles - Guide

If you have more than one Motorola phone, then you may want to your Motorola Phone Tools (MPT or Mobile Phone Tools) to manage the backups, phone book, calendar, and multimedia on both of the phones independently of each other from the same computer.

With the Motorola Phone Tools software, there is functionality so you can very easily setup a profile for each of your phones so that you can accomplish this with ease. This guide will describes the steps in order to accomplish this. If you have not purchased your copy of Mobile Phone Tools for your Motorola phone, then you may be able to purchase it from one of the sponsors on this page.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:
1. Open Motorola Phone Tools application, making sure that you none of your Motorola phones are connected to the computer (USB, Bluetooth, or Infrared)

2. The Mobile Phone Tools application will prompt you to make a selection of a profile.
3. Instead of selectin the profile, click on 'New' button.
4. Name the profile whatever you choose. It is often easiest to manage if you use the model of the phone or in the case of multiple phones, something like Ken's RAZR.
5. Then click on 'OK' to accept and then 'OK' again to confirm.
6. The Mobile Phone Tools application should ask you to install a new device or you may have to click on the re-detect button.
7. Select your preferred connection method, USB or Bluetooth and click Next
8. Plug the phone into the computer and let it install the phone to your new profile.
9. Repeat these steps for each phone that you want to add to your Mobile Phone Tools applications and profiles.