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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

P2K Commander 4.9.D Available For Download and Installation

Great news, there is a new version of the P2K Commander software for your Motorola phone that leverages P2K technology is now available. The most recent version is the version This version is also known as P2KCommander 4.9C, and is available for installation with basic instructions from here.

This current package is approximately 214k and was made available on June 20th, 2007. The many focuses addition for this release is the addition of support for Microsoft Windows Vista. For those of you with Vista, this is definitely a welcome addition!

However, there is one additional feature that is worth noting. That is the ability to copy multiple seem folders within the P2K Commander tool. Enjoy the download and upgrade!

P2K may be compatible with the folllowing Motorola models in addition to the RAZR:
A630, A830, A835, A840, A845, A860, A920, A1000, C305, C341c, C343, C343cr, C390, C698p, C975, C980, E310, E398, E550, E815, E815m, E816, E1000, E1070, M800, M900, ROKR E1, ROKR E2, E790, T720, T720c, T720i, T722, T722i, T725, T300p, T730c, T7, L6, L7, V8, PEBL, SLVR, U6, V6, C331, C332, C350, RAZR, V3, V3c, V3i, V3m, V180, V188, V360, A668, A780, E680, V220, V60, V60t, V60c, V60g, V60i, V60p, V60s, V60v, V60x, V65p, V66, V70, V80, V120, V120c, V120e, V120t, V120x, V260, V262, V265, V265m, V266, V276, V300, V300m, V325, V330, V330i, V400, V400p, V500, V501, V505, V510, V525, V525m, V535, V540, V545, V547, V550, V551, V551j, V551m, V555, V557, V557p, V560, V600, V600i, V600m, V620, V635, V635i, V710, V710m, V810, V872, V975, V980, V1050, MPX220, TIMEPORT, 270, 270c, 280, 280/


Anonymous said...

hi. ken just a question i have have win xp pro and freespire os's systems on my laptop, will this work on both systems, or do i have to run it on both system, thanks for your reply. rouson

Anonymous said...

I have been using your blog to try and get music/ringtones on my wifes new Razr. We have Vista on a new HP notebook so I downloaded the driver from the motorola web site and now it charges great.

I have not been able to see how to post to the blog and I have a problem

I installed PK commander 4.9.e on the notebook and started it and it comes up and does not ask for anything and says it found the phone. When I try and get to the phone, or try to change to the slow option, it stops responding. I can move the right menu to the music where the mp3 is but cannot get it to access the phone withing hanging.

I have tried it with the phone off and with it on and by starting the program without the phone then attaching the phone. It always says it found the phone once I hook it up but either goes to "no response"(freezes) or shuts down when I try and find the phone.


Ken Hanscom said...

I would recommend P2K Commander 4.9.E since it is now the latest and also look at changing the compatibility options for the phone. That should help! Here is the link for 4.9.E: