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Thursday, July 26, 2007

PSP - Analog Stick Replacement Guide

If you have owned your Sony PSP for awhile, at some point in time it gets over used. Given the heavy usage of the analog stick (or joystick) that controls much of the movement in the games, it is a part that often fails with the PSPs.

For that reason, here is a tutorial on how to repair your PSP's analog stick and get it back into playing order! First off, in order to get started you are going to need two main items. The first is a very small screwdriver, and the second is a replacement analog stick for your PSP that you can get from a number of locations -- and definitely from eBay.

1. You need to first disassemble the PSP to remove the faceplate and get access to the analog stick. My posting on this is here.

2. Remove the analog nub & mechanism which requires the removal of 2 screws. These are different from first screws, so keep them separately. Be careful not to twist the plate as it may crack and make sure to keep track of the washer that covers the mechanism.

Sony Playstation Portable PSP Analog Stick Replacement Tutorial Guide 1

3. Carefully inspect the nub and analog stick to make sure it is clean and ready to install.

Sony Playstation Portable PSP Analog Stick Replacement Tutorial Guide 1

4. Replace analog nub mechanism with washer, align the screws and tighten. Do not tighten too much or you could crach the housing & faceplate.

You have now successfully replaced your Analog Stick for your Playstation Portable.


Anonymous said...

Interesting tutorial. My PSP analog nub has been having a problem lately so I'm not sure if this is the way to fix it. My Nub gets stuck, if you hold it right and put leave it in the default position, a car or character moves continuously right, and the up feature on the nub doesn't work anymore. Is there anyway to fix that?

thomas said...

I had an issue with my analog stick wandering as many people with PSP's do; I tried all of the common remedies but nothing worked. The problem was that the connection between the analog unit and the small rubber piece with 4 wires in it was loose because the PSP is pretty old. To fix it all I did was cut out 6 small squares from an index card, poke a hole in the center of each, and place 3 of them on each screw between the analog unit on the faceplate and the screw mounts which hold them in place. After this minor operation the connection was good & the stick stopped wandering...all thanks to paper spacers!