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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Slap Your iPod! That Will Fix It!

This is a pretty funny way that you can fix your iPod that has stopped working. It is funny in two different ways. The first is, that you can abuse your iPod by slapping or striking it. The second of course is, that without a ton of problems and needing to take it apart or replace a hard drive.

I would actually like to take credit for finding the solution, but I cannot. A friend of mine at work mentioned it to me after he had a problem with his Apple Video iPod and wandered across Josh Highlands Blog. That's the ironic part.....

The blog takes you through the details of disassembling, repairing, and replacing your hard drive on an iPod 4th Generation. There are some great pictures and how-to descriptions. However, things really get interesting when you read the comments.

If your Apple iPod is giving you the Sad Face or showing the File Folder icon, you may think you iPod may need some serious repair. The reality is that it may just be a little frozen up and it needs a good jolt.

How do you fix it? The prevailing technique is to slap, strike or hit the iPod. You do this by holding your iPod in one hand (with the click-wheel up) and striking the side with your other hand on the side (not the top). In many cases this has fixed a seemingly "broken" iPod. This is the first step and pass towards fixing or repairing the iPod.

The second step? That is to smack it on the back of the Apple iPod to see if that will fix it. Note: Never strike it on the top as you could damage the LCD screen on your iPod.

The final step? If the first two techniques have not had any luck for you, then try this. Slide the hold button back and forth 10 times fairly quickly. Then, then hold down down the menu /middle button / pause & play buttons at the same time. The will cause the iPod to enter a special mode. Give the iPod one last smack, and voial! You're fixed!

It has even worked on 3rd Generation, 4th Generation, and 5th Generation units. Just ask my friend Jonathan who recently tried it and solved his problem!

Did this technique work for you? Let me know with a comment!