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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Verizon FiOS – Installed and Working, Kind of

Well today, I finally had my Verizon FiOS Television service installed. And it is now here late in the evening, working – for the most part. The only parts that are still not working, and I have to wait and talk to billing on Monday are the HDTV channels. Which, unfortunately are the channels that I care about most and were the main reason for the decision to switch to Verizon FiOS. I get the first 9 channels for HD Broadcast, but not the next 13 under HD National of 5 under HD Premium.

What an experience it was. For all the negative things that should be said about provisioning and the customer service department, the technicians that service that customers are first rate and deserve kudos. It was true with the initial Verizon FiOS Internet installation and this FiOS Television installation by Kelly was a good experience. He worked hard and long on the issues that were encountered, and even came back later in the evening to see if everything was fixed. He even had an HD cable to hook up my Vizio 42” LCD with. Definitely went the extra mile on the installation.

The initial installation went well and the cable levels came up pretty quickly. The main problem was that my Internet connection was still down from the night before and that is what the Motorola QIP6416-2 HD/DVRs require to get the guides working. Not to mentioned, I really wanted the Internet back on.

As hard as Kelly worked at solving the problems, it ended up that my previous evening suspicion was correct and provisioning really messed something up with my account. Basically something along the lines of my setup disappeared from my account the previous evening and was still missing. A lot of time was spent making calls back and forth to finally get it to come back on. However, once we got the “green” Internet light back on, meaning there was connectivity – things still did not work.

Not until around 8:00pm did the Internet connectivity and the guides for the Motorola 6416 HD/DVR receivers come up. And, the majority of the HD is still missing.

Overall, even as good as Kelly was this process has been negative for me and negative for my perception of Verizon.