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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Vizio Effect - 42" LCD (VU42LF) Costco Special Purchase

Well, you can keep the puns going, the “Vizio Effect”, “Vizio on my Mind”, among many others break down my experience this past weekend. When Ashley brought the Costco coupon to my attention that showed the new Vizio 42” LCD FHDTV (VU42LF) with 1080p technology – for under $1,000 dollars I could not turn my attention away from it. Priced at normally $1199.99, the $200 off coupon dropped the price below that magic mark. Having been to Costco earlier in the day, I was not going to drive back - but, ordering online was not out of the question.

Vizio 42-inch LCD FHDTV/HDTV VU32LF

Costco had previous specials on the Vizio LCD HDTV, but the TVs were not of this quality in terms of specfications. Here are the highlights of it:

42” diagonal / 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio.
Full High Definition 1920 X 1080 resolution.
Compatible input formats: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i.
Supports high definition gaming systems.
Brilliant picture quality with over 16 Million colors.
Amazing 1800:1 contrast ratio.
Backlit Remote Control
Built-in digital HDTV & standard TV combined tuner.
Wall mounting capable; less than 4" deep without stand.
2X HDMI inputs for optimal digital connectivity.
Superior viewing from any angle.
I had been considering getting a new television for quite some time to replace an older one upstairs. In this case, the Vizio 42” (VU42LF) fit the bill perfectly and was deal I could not pass up. I was even willing to spend the extra $30 for delivery, which is quite unusual. The only bad news? Looks like I am supposed to wait 20 days for Costco to deliver it.

And for those of you missing out on this deal, Costco will have $300 off of the Vizio 52” LCD HDTV (VU52LF) in August. However, the 52” is not yet available on the website.

What do you think of the Visio 42” LCD (VU42LF) HDTV with full 1080p? Do you have one? Let me know with a comment below!

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Nathan said...

I've been waiting for the samsung 1080p lcd tv's to come down in price FOREVER. When I walked into costco july 1st, I noticed the tv's and loved the quality of the VU42LF. When I took a peek to see if it was the samsung I thought "wtf is VIZIO?". Then I noticed the coupon and price! I was very nervous buying a expensive tv from a brand i've never heard before but i'm VERY glad I did. This tv is AWESOME! - Portland, Oregon

Dustin said...

I received this TV just last week (7/5/2007), and I have fallen in love with it. I just purchased a new house, and was bummed out about the prices of HDTVs ($2000 is a lot when you are first starting out). I saw this little gem with the $200 off coupon and had to pick it up! Back to the technical - I am running DirecTV at 1080i via HDMI, a Nintendo Wii at 480p via component, a PS2 at 480p via component, and I watch HD movies through RGB at 1280x720 off of my MacBook Pro. The audio out runs VERY CLEAN audio to my receiver through 1 cable, eliminating wire bundles. Great TV, thanks for the post!

DJTEAZER said...

For my Bday, 2/14/2009,
I was given this TV As a gift from family. And wouldn't you know it? Even in 2009, 2 years after this post was made, the TV was down to $599.00 On sale, yet again.

After only having it a few days, I really enjoy it. DVD's look great on it, even though Ive not tried blu-ray yet. I wonder, if anyone else is having issues with the audio? I have to raise the volume up to 30 just to get decent sound from those speakers, located under the TV viewing area. Has anyone purchased a surround sound system for this, or any enhanced audio?