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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Apple iPod 60GB MK6006GAH Drive Upgrade Purchase - 4th Generation

A couple of weeks ago, I began my search for a “cheap” hard drive upgrade for my 4th Generation Apple iPod which went out of warranty some time ago. In short, my findings were that if I wanted to increase the capacity to 60GB with the MK6006GAH hard drive that the cost was going to be around $90 for anything that had a warranty associated with it. The 40GB drive was not much better from a value perspective, with the MK4004GAH drives being in the $70 range with shipping.

There was the outside chance of getting something in the $20 range; however the majority of those items were either in ‘not tested’ or ‘unknown’ status. Given the value difference between a ‘tested’ and ‘untested’ hard drive; it is a safe assumption that the money would be wasted on a broken hard drive. Not worth the risk in my opinion.

So, the reality I was faced with if I really needed additional capacity on my Apple iPod was should I spend around $90 for a 60GB upgrade to my device or should I go after a 5th generation 80GB device for the $350 device. It ended up being a relatively easy decision – my 4th generation 20GB hard drive is in great condition and has had zero problems, so I elected to go for the 60GB hard drive upgrade with the purchase of a MK6006GAH 60GB hard drive.

The drive I purchased was in the $90 range with shipping and a 1-year warranty on the drive from eBay. The drive just arrived this week and I plan to initiate the upgrade in the coming days. Of course, I will cover that experience here in a future post so you can see how it went!

Plus, given the great working condition of my 20GB MK2004GAL hard drive – I figure I can recoup $30-$40 of the upgrade price!


Anonymous said...

Did the upgrade go well, I'm thinking of doing the same thing?

I was worried about the ata-5 vs ata/133 difference if that is a difference.

Thanks for info,


Ken Hanscom said...

It went flawlessly and the iPod Photo with teh 60GB drive is still working wonderfully. Here is the iPod upgrade guide link: