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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blackberry 8800 – GPS Works in Mexico. Kind Of.

I made two recent postings regarding some of the problems I had experienced with getting the Blackberry 8800’s GPS to work internationally. First it was India, where I could not get a signal for the life of me. Then in Frankfurt, Germany – it was the exact same problem, signal too weak for to pinpoint my location.

Based on some of the comments from the posts, others were having more success with their attempts to use the GPS functionality in their Blackberry 8800. Reports from several countries across Europe included successful connections and uses with their GPS. So, with that in mind – I was determined to give it another try on my visit to Cancun, Mexico last week.

First the good news, I was able to get a signal on a couple of occasions along the Yucatan peninsula. While taking a little bit longer than it does here, I was able to get a signal from the GPS satellites and call it my location within 4 meters on Google Maps. The only problem that even in a high-tourist area like Cancun, Mexico – Google Mobile Maps only supports satellite imagery, no maps or mapping options are available. A little frustrating to say the least.

And in terms of the performance of the GPS on the Blackberry 8800, it continues to perform rather poorly for me. In between uses, if I use any other applications – I have to use the ALT+CAP+DEL tool to reset the Blackberry in order to get the GPS to pick up.

Anyone else have similar problems?


Travis said...

I also have the KDF-E55A20 with the red light blinking 5 times... The power board is what I've been told to replace $138, also known as the lamp driver... I've also been told you can replace the three drivers for around $20 each. Or Replace the F100 thing on the power board? Anyone know any facts to this? I do have the Service Manual which can be emailed to interested people,