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Monday, August 13, 2007

Cheap Hard Drive for iPod Replacement? 40GB? 60GB?

I have finally ran out of significant space on my 4th generation (4th gen) Apple iPod and decided I need a little more capacity than my 20GB iPod currently has. So, being the thrifty person I am -- I started looking into how I might upgrade my current iPod rather than spending the $350 on a new 5th generation Apple iPod 80GB. The question I have, does anyone know where you can get a 40GB or 60GB hard drive for the iPod for a decent price?

The reason I ask is that I did some searching, including eBay and did not turn up too much. It seems that for a new 40GB (MK4004GAH) or 60GB (MK6006GAH) hard drive that you need to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $100, or even as high as $185 for a new drive on some sites.

That includes a recent search of eBay. While some closed in the $20-30 range, the majority of those were in "as-is" condition which means they are virtually guaranteed to be DOA. Anything that was significantly tested was over $50 with shipping included. I was under the impression that these drives were commodity products and you can get them new for well under $100. I guess I was wrong!

So, if anyone knows where you can get of good deal on a 40GB (MK4004GAH) or 60GB (MK6006GAH) replacement hard drive for a 4th Generation iPod let me know. I am looking!