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Friday, August 24, 2007

Finding a Non-Marring Pry Tool for iPod

When I made the decision to move forward with my 4th Generation iPod upgrade to a 60GB hard drive from the original 20GB hard drive there was one tool that I currently did not have that was needed. That tool, was a non-marring pry tool, which is useful for a host of projects, including disassembling iPods, and changing face plates on the RAZR, Blackberry, and other cellular devices. Thus far, I had gotten away without one on my little projects – for the iPod upgrade though, it was required.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in a Fry’s Electronics knows they have just about every possible piece of electronic equipment and tools that one could desire. However, on my last trip to Fry’s in Woodland Hills California (where I bought my 500GB hard drive upgrade) I could not find a non-marring pry tool.

Not knowing where else I could go and find a pry tool from a brick and mortar shop, I turned to the Internet. Several places I visited the tools were in the $10-12 range, often times approaching $20 with shipping for a $.30 plastic pry tool. That’s when I found – both a reasonable price for the tool and shipping. The specific tool I purchased was their SKU TOOL-PRY and the damage was minor – only $4.95, plus California state sales tax of $.41 and free shipping (on all cellular accessories) for a grand total of $5.36. A great buy!

The non-marring pry tool arrived within a couple of days just as expected and is now ready for my pending 60GB hard drive upgrade on the iPod. If you need a pry tool, you may want to check them out.


Clever-Devil said...

The cost of the high-end plastic material alone used in some pry tools is almost $1 - please get out of the habit of assuming that plastic is always a cheap material.

Ken Hanscom said...

$1 sounds pretty inexpensive to me.

David said...

I've used a few of the plastic pry tools and every single time the end would just break off when trying to pry open the case. I would always have to resort to something stronger like a butter knife which bend up the case and still takes forever to get it open. Are the pry tools I've been using made of inferior material or am I doing something wrong? I would pay good money for a real tool that I could just slide in and pop the unit open.