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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Senor Frogs in Cancun, Worth the Wait

Today is our last day in Cancun, with our flight leaving for Los Angeles out at around 6:00pm in the evening. We planned to spend the day relaxing, packing, and finally heading down to Senor Frogs for lunch. Luckily, while the Hilton Cancun does not have hospitality rooms, they were very generous in giving us a late checkout time of 2:30pm, the time we needed to head to the airport.

So, around 11:00am we caught a bus down to Senor Frogs. Once arriving, we noted that Senor Frogs did not open until noon which left us in a little bit of a predicament. Should we wait the 45 minutes to visit Senor Frogs or should we find another place to eat?

Eating at Senior Frogs on the Lagoon in Cancun, Mexico

Given the popularity and visibility to Senor Frogs in Cancun, we decided to wait it out. After killing some more time at the Plaza de Fiesta Mexican outlet – and consequently buying a few more things – we headed back to Senor Frogs.

Just opening, we headed in and grabbed a seat. We ended up with a nice corner table on the lagoon, but my back was to the main part of Senor Frogs. Although I knew that they would attempt to surprise and scare you, I was caught off-guard when our waiter grabbed me from behind and blew his whistle. I just about jumped out of my seat. Just part of the fun at Senor Frogs. As somewhat of a comedy, both of the cokes we ordered were served in the Dos Equis Yard glasses used for beer – a nice touch.

In terms of the meal, it was much better than I might have expected. We ordered some guacamole to start with and they did not skimp. A traditional mortar bowl used for grinding corn meal was completely filled with a generous amount guacamole. Way more than could fit on the chips, so they kept them coming. (On a side note, Senor Frogs had the best chips we ate all week. Not sure if it was the time of day and they were just freshly made, but several other places did not have the same quality we are used to back in Southern California.)

For our meal, we both ordered a Beef Taco Salad which was impressive and tasty. With an oversized flour shell in the shape of a taco, it was filled with lettuce, steak, cheese, cucumbers, tomato, carrots, and a nice spicy ranch dressing. The meal was very tasty and highly recommended.

While Senor Frogs is generally known to be a party place where “Anything Can Happen”, it is great to know they have great food as well. There is also one opening soon (2 months) in Honolulu, Hawaii. We will make sure to visit it on our next visit there, which seems to be annually these days.