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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sony TV LED & Blinking Codes - What Does It Mean When Standby/Timer Light Flashes

This post is directed towards helping folks with the diagnosis of problems with their Sony Television set. The genesis of this post is based questions I have received from my post on fixing the retrace lines on you Sony HDTV Projection and some additional help from a Sony TV Repair & Service Manual for my KP-51HW40 Projection HD Television set.

If you are having some problems with your Sony Television, then this post is for you. Generally speaking, when there is trouble with your Sony Television set -- it indicates the issue in either the diagnostic mode, or even more commonly by flashing a series of LED blinks or flashes on the front of your television. Each set or frequency of the blinks indicates a very specific problem with the television itself. In some cases, you may be able to repair the television set yourself -- or in the worst case you may need to order parts, call a local repair shop to the have a repairman sent out, or even purchase a new television set.

First off, here are the list of codes and what they generally mean on my set (which applies to many recent model Sony Television sets. Sony has provided a "self-diagnosis function" with your TV, that in the case of abnormalities or problems the LED or red blinking light on the Timer/Standby indicator flashes a number of times to indicate the issue. Here are the values of the various blinks.

  • 0 times, Diagnosis: Power does not turn on. Possible causes include: Power cord is not plugged in, Fuse is burned out (F6001) (G board). Symptoms of the problem: Power does not come on, No power is supplied to the unit, AC power supply is faulty.
  • 2 times, Diagnosis: B overcurrent (OCP). Possible causes: H. OUT (Q8024) is shorted. (D board), +B PWM (Q8035, 8038) is shorted. (D board) Symptoms of the problem: Power does not come on, Load on power line is shorted.
  • 3 times, Diagnosis: +B overvoltage (OVP). Possible causes: IC501 is faulty (G board), IC5002 is faulty (G board). Symptoms of the problem: TV has entered standby mode.
  • 4 times, Diagnosis: Vertical deflection stopped. Possible causes: +- 15V is not supplied. (D board), IC8003 is faulty. (A board) Symptoms of the problem: TV has entered standby state after horizontal raster, Vertical deflection pulse is stopped, Power line is shorted or power supply is stopped.
  • 5 times, Diagnosis: White balance failure (Not balanced) Possible causes: Video out (IC7101, 7201, 7301) is faulty (CR, CG, CB board), CRT drive (IC309) is faulty (A board), G2 is improperly adjusted. Symptoms of the problem: No raster is generated, CRT cathode current detection reference pulse output is small.
  • 6 times, Diagnosis: LOW B OCP/OVP (Overcurrent/over voltage). Possible causes: +5 line is overloaded. (A, B boards), +5 line is shorted. (A, B boards). Symptoms of the problem: No picture.
  • 7 times, Diagnosis: Horizontal deflection stopped. Possible cause: Q8035, 8038 is shorted. (D board)
  • 8 times, Diagnosis: High voltage error. Possible cause: T8005 is faulty. (D board)
  • 9 times, Diagnosis: Audio error. Possible causes: +- 19V line is shorted. (A, B boards), IC708 is faulty. (A board), PS701 or PS702 is opened. (A board). Symptoms of the problem: No sound

Hopefully, the descriptions of the blinking lights and the symptoms and problems will point you in the right direction to tell the problem with you Sony Projection Screen Television. If it is not enough, do not worry -- in the coming few posts I will talk about entering the Diagnosis and Service modes for your television set!

This guide may be compatible with the following televisions:

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Anonymous said...

My TV blinks 4 times. How would I go about fixing the problem. I tired the tutorial from your other blog but I didn't have any success.

Anonymous said...

The picture on my set (KWP-HD651) will go black and then come back on and continue this over and over again. During this time the Standby\Timer light blinks 5 times.

Any ideas? I called a Sony authorized repair shop and they told me that this model was not longer servicable. I live in the Saramento, Ca area. Do you know of any shop here that will take a look? Anything I can do on my own?

If I can understand what the problem is and the cost involved to fix it then I would bre greatly appreciative.

Superman said...

Hello Anonymous,

The picture on my set (KF-42WE610) would go black and then came back on and continued this over and over again. During this time the Power/Standby light blinked 5 times.

A couple days before that, it had worked the best it has in years. While just a week before that the screen was dim and the Lamp light blinked. A new replacement lamp had me thinking my troubles were over.

No idea what a white balance failure is, faulty circuit board? Referred to my manual, you mounted the lamp cover insecurely when the Power/Standby light blinks 3 times. It was not 3 blinks, it was 5, so tried it anyhow. Problem solved, for now, and only time will tell.

As for what Sony told you regarding your model, did you ask nicely? According to engadget Sony offers firmware upgrade for 400,000 TVs on the fritz.


Anonymous said...

I do have the same problem with 5 red blinking lights on my KDF-E50A10 Sony TV. do you guys think just by changing the projection lamp would fix the tv?

Superman said...

Hello Anonymous,

Just prior to the lamp failure in my unit, the picture was very dimly lit and the Lamp light blinked constantly. Replacing the lamp worked out perfectly for me, or so I thought.

My shortly lived trouble-free experience appears to have come to an end. After just one week since I announced problem solved, today my TV powered on, the screen cycled on and off several times, it powered down, and then the Power/Standby light blinked 5 times. A couple minutes later it powered back on and looks great again.

I emailed Sony and they promptly replied with a support article from their knowledge base. If the STANDBY light flashes four times in sequence, the television may be overheating. To resolve this issue, ensure that the back of the television is well ventilated.

What? It was not 4 blinks, it was 5! Oh well, perhaps this will aid the original poster who has been waiting patiently all this time. By the way, when I asked Sony about the extended coverage they told me that I had to see squigglies on my screen, go figure.

I have this theory that because I plugged a 120 watt aftermarket lamp into a power supply that was intended for a 100 watt factory lamp, that now I have 5 red blinking lights. No idea how I am going to test this one.


Anonymous said...

Superman...Seems like you know your stuff. I was the guy that posted the second comment and had claimed that Sony authorized service center tlld me they did not support my model. Jus so you know who I am.

Anyways, reading through your comments it seems like we have the exact same problem and that you possibly found a fix. What is that you replaced the lamp? Did you do this yourself? Difficult?

Anyways...I will review the Sony article you sent the link for although I think you say this is for a problem when the Standby\Timer light blinks four times.

I still have the exact same problem...TV works for a bit and the picture looks normal...then all of a sudden the screen flahses black and then back on over and over again. The TV stays on as the sound can still be heard. It is just a real pain in the rear to try and watch a TV that is going black so often.

Any help you can throw my way would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Superman...I still have the same problems where the screen is blinking off and on. Any other ideas?

Superman said...

Hello No. 2,

I have ran into two problems this month, and they may or may not be unrelated. I also have three indicator lights: Power/Standby, Timer, and Lamp.

My first problem arose when my screen became progressively dim and remained so constantly during which time the Lamp light blinked.

My second problem arose two days after I fixed the first one with a replacement lamp. The Power/Standby light blinked 5 times, but I treated it as if it had been blinking 3. That fixed it for five more days.

If I power on my TV without seeing any problems in the first two minutes then it will stay on for hours. Otherwise, the blackouts occur before I even get comfortable in my chair. My audio is in sync with my picture fading in and out, and is followed by my Power/Standby light blinking 5 times.

Sometimes it will power up two minutes later, while other times it takes two hours before I can power it on. Maybe it is too cold and just needs to warm up, I just can't place it.

Sounds like your picture stays on for a couple hours before it goes out, and it is your Timer light that blinks. Perhaps your timer is set to shut off your set in 2 hours? Unlikely, since your sound can still be heard.

Perhaps you're having the reverse problem as mine and it is some overheating problem that causes it to power down after so many hours. Treat it as 4 blinks before buying a replacement lamp and see if that works.


youpeng said...

My Sony kp-51hw40 LED is blinking 6 times! I was wondering if anyone was able to overcome this proble. Any information on helping me fix the problem would be appreciated. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys,
My Sony KDF-E50A10 still have problems with 5 blinking red lights. There are so many calls and emails to Sony regarding this problem and the only answer they came up is to bring it to the Service Center. I told them that "i do not have a warranty on it but if you tell me I can replace it myself." They given me excuses that I could get myself hurt, yada yada get the picture.

Then I stumbled this site... I've replaced the bulb since Superman said it works for him for awhile but it didn't work on mine. getting a service guy to come and look at the TV cost way too much.

I was wondering if you awesome guys know what else that you would know how to fix this TV (KFD-E50A10) other than dump it at the trash. your assistance is greatly appreciative

Jason said...

I have a Sony KP-46C36 projection TV that has no picture, and worked fine until there was a "pop" sound like a small firecracker. Now there is no picture, and the Standby LED is blinking constantly.
Can anyone tell me what's wrong here? Is this worth fixing?

matthieu said...

hello guy!there is a person who can help me with my sony rear projection KP-46wt510 ?I'm watching my tv and a little sound
appear ans no images appears at the screen!i turn on and i count 8 led flashing rapidly what the fuck!!It is possible that a lamp are dead or when a lamp break the two others are finish?There is a
hint to know this kind of problem?
Thank's if anyone are able to help me and if you want,you can write me at or if you can have a repair schema i appreciate this very much!!

Anonymous said...

I have a two-year old SONY KDF E55A20 HDTV and have the "5 red blinking lights" syndrome...need further guidance. The unusual part of my problem, and I haven't seen this posted yet is, after 45 secs of power up the tv will shut itself off for 45 secs then turn itself back on for 45 secs, repeat, rinse, repeat (it's like groundhogs day all over again). Of course the Sony rep was no use...and I'm waiting to hear from the local authorized dealer.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the power cycle routine? TIA

Anonymous said...

Hello I have a sony projection kp53s70 manufactured in 1999
It has started to show 2 -3 horizontal black thin lines on screen, they come and go but are mostly there all of the time.

What is your suggestion?? thanks!!

dasadler said...

Hello, I have a KP-61S70 that has worked beautifially for years. Now, it does not respond to remote or buttons on TV. The Timer/Standby light stays on constantly (they may also be the power light) when plugged in.

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hi i was reading thru this info and noticed that u were going ot put out repair / service info on KP-53HS10 Sont TV i would sure love a link to that into

Thanks so much
Lee Prine

Anonymous said...

Hi i have a KP-53HS10 Sony TV i read where there was going to be a repair / service tutorial put out i would love this info if possible
Lee Prine

Anonymous said...

Please read - Prior post: ..."5 red blinking lights" syndrome...need further guidance...after 45 secs of power up the tv will shut itself off for 45 secs then turn itself back on for 45 secs, repeat, ...waiting to hear from the local authorized dealer.

New post: I have the same problem. This happened a year ago and then went away. Now it's happening again...constantly. Unfortunately, posters often come to these sites looking for solutions (like me), but don't come back and post the fix. Anyone out there that has had this problem resoloved?

Anonymous said...

kf-42we610 + 4 blinks = $418

After about three years we had a problem that required two fans to be fixed for a hefty price. Great TV when it works, but very disappointed with the Sony reputation after this.

Raka2000 AT hotmail DOT com said...

First, thanks for your post is very helpful for all of us, especially me - who has spent about $2000 on KP-51WS510 TV set and now are facing the problem of LED blinking 8 times.

I also found a similar article at:

This one has a little different information. But, the essence is that I need to find a technician who can fix this issue. This has been the second major issue in last 2.5 years of my TVs life. I have really starting hating Sony now.

Do you have any other recommendations before I call in the tech this week?

mikee1968 said...

hi i have a sony kp-61hs30. it blinks 6 times. is that something beyond my repair like a fuse or something?tv does not come on at all after power went out on our block. it is hooked up to a surge protecter also. any advice thanks mike

JamesPranger said...

I see alot of issues with Blinking codes all the time. Honestly, if you need help with the blinking codes and how to fix them. I would go to (A complete site for Sony users with over 80,000 members helping with Sony related issues).

They answered my questions when my 50We610 had 6 blinking lights.

Hope this helps.

The direct link is

Justin said...

I picked up a kdf-60wf655 last night for a bargain. I plugged it in and and I got the 6 blink code. I did some research and came to the conclusion that its the THERMAL FUSE and needs to be replaced. So I pulled the lamp assembly and all out and got to the fuse. I ordered a new one from SONY and itll be here in a few days. Ill let you know how it turns out. Hopes this gives some help to others....

Anonymous said...

I am having this same problem, my tv does not turn on when I press the power. Only, mine blinks an unlimited amount of times, never stops, and I dont know whats wrong with it,

Anonymous said...


i purchased a KF-60WE610 4-5 years ago, its been working fine other than the fact that i had to replace the blub 3 different times, the last time occuring about a month ago.

today when i turned on my tv, the green standby button was green and blinked 4 times i think, then it blinked 6 times i belive, then no no light blinked for 1-2 seconds then blinked 6 times red

i was wondering what this means, i mean i just replaced the bulb, the fan is clean, and i took the power cord and used a different outlet, ive run out of options, can u help me out?

nilesh panchal

Anonymous said...

Oh well.. My KDF-E50A10 has 5-Blinks too. Its wierd because it was fine when its in the living room, but when I transfer the TV to my room all of a sudden the TV dies right on front of me and gives me this sequential 5x Red Light Blinks! I don't know if anybody manage to fix this without the expensive assistant repair man. Please post your comment that might help solve the problem here.


Anonymous said...

Most of the red blinking light. Problems can be fixed with a can of air and a vacum.
what happens is the sensors around the cooling fans get so dusty they send false signals that ether fans have stopped working so you either get an over heat code etc.
you need to first vacum the dust out of the vents on the back then with the can of air blow out as much remaining dust as possible.
this always eliminates the red light syndrome for me.
hope this helps you all out.

Anonymous said...

another issue if you have 4 blinking red lights has to do with the large cooling fan for the bulb.
if the fan gets jammed with dust and dirt and cannot turn the tv will not let you turn it on untill the fan is cleaned or replaced.
the quickest way to tell is with a flashlight look into the large vent close to the lamp and see if the fan runs when you turn the tv on.
if it doesn't then try cleaning it with canned air and a vacum.
If this doesn't get the fan running them it will have to be replaced.
from the looks of it its a 120mm fan you can most likely get at any computer supply site.
Right now I'm still able to get mine to run but I'm time I'll need one and when the time comes I'll let Y'all know just what type of fan replaces it.

James Pranger said...

If you get 6 blinking lights below is the solution

The problem is the thermal fuse. You need to have service bulletin to fix. I have seen other people have the same issue and it was fixed by getting the SB at agoraquest. It's a step by step guide on replacing the thermal fuse. The member that has the service bulletins is Jehill. He has helped several people with this issue

It takes about 2 hours but saves over $400 in service repair bills.

Here are some of the people that were helped by this

J/K :-p ......worked like a charm :-) Took me about 2 hours and almost half of that was to go and get a 20" #2 philips screwdriver. A 12" would have worked, but they did not have it. Other than than that, no problems. I paid $220 for the TV, $28 for (2) Thermal Fuses, and $11 for a screwdriver. Now I have a decent 2nd TV :-) Not as good as my KD-34XBR960, but not much is :



I just got done replacing the thermal fuse as per your SB and all is well again! I, and most importantly the wife, just want to take the time to thank you so much for your help. With your instructions and this site, we have just saved ourselves alot of $$ not just for this time but also if it were to happen again in the future. I am truley grateful for finding this site and just want to say you are THE MAN!!!


1 10" screwdriver $12.00
1 Sony Thermal Fuse + shipping $ 8.00
1 membership to $12.00
Fixing the thermal fuse myself on a TV that was discarded at the curbside


Gary said...

I have a this Standby problem but it's not 4 or 5 blinks . It's like 8 blinks . Does any one know how to replace the D-Board for these Model
Sony KDP-57WS655 .It's only a year old and low and be hold the warranty is up . So It comes out of my pocket .

Anonymous said...

As previously posted, I am also getting this "The picture on my set will go black and then come back on and continue this over and over again. During this time the Standby\Timer light blinks 5 times." Has anyone found a fix for this?

Anonymous said...

I have a 4 year old Sony KV-27HS420. When I power up, the set then shuts down and the standby light blinks 6 times. No picture or sound. I read the diagnostic tips for the projection TV's.... are they the same for the HD-ready tube sets......thanks

Anonymous said...

anonymous you da man!

I took an air can to the back of tv ... didnt even open it and it powered right up!

thats after unpluggin it over night and tried to power it on a few times and that didnt work... still six blinks... i then waited 2hrs or so air canned it and presto...

Im just not going to turn it off until it croaks ... im a student and cash flow is slim!

tv is 32" hd sony bout 6yrs old picture is great ...

my friends sony did same except his was d-board... either way this is my last sony tv or sony anything!!! Sony just not what it used to be!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for the air can tip...

Anonymous said...

I read about the lamp becoming encrusted with dust and shutting down the tv due to lack of air circulation. would someone with a kdfe55a20 or the 60 inch versino try cleaning their lamp screens and seeing if the tv stays on. please let me know if this is factual or false please

Anonymous said...

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you very much..... :)

Anonymous said...

Greetings and Salutations,
Just before Christmas, my KP53SO Rear Projection had a bright green picture...what a downer....with football and all coming up, I was at my edge....I ordered three gun drivers ( each about 18 dollars each ) I figured that it was a cheap gamble to replace the drivers on each gun or spend about $400 on the "A" board or go out and buy a new flat screen...BUT...Santa was nice to me, I ordered the CR,CB & CG DRIVER BOARDS, REPLACED THEM AND LIKE MAGIC, My unit was in the land of the working...I had to use the "AUTO FOCUS " to get the picture back to normal. Hope this helps sombody with the same problem! Saved us a hugh amount of money & time from a "Shop Repair" The best to all who read this...ain't AMERICA GREAT!

David said...

My Sony TV was blinking five times, and the color was distorted more toward red ever since I replaced the two chips that are responsible for the power supply, blinking 6 times. I fixed white balance failure by adjusting G2 using a screw driver.Thus, the blinking has stopped and the color has been restored. The only challenge I had was identifying the G2. You may need to look into your TV spec to find the G2

Anonymous said...

Wow! I researched the red screen of death on the net and found ppl saying it cost about $500 to repair. Then I found your blog and presto! Problem solved. My wife loves you and wants to have your baby! Ok, I'm exaggerating. She doesn't love you but she does wanna have your baby! LOL.

Thanks a million.

Miami, Fl.

floodsta said...

I have a sony kdf42e2000 tv and im getting a blue screen wit no sound or video. Does anyone know what type of problem im having??

Anonymous said...


I have a 5 yr old sony kdp-57ws550. The original problem was 10 slow blinks, then 5 fast blinks repeatedly. We had a repairman diagnose the problem and told my husband which part the change. He changed resistors IC8002 and IC6400and a capacitor on the D board. Now when you try to power up the TV, we get 4 slow blinks and the TV shuts more blinks after that. Any ideas what the problem may be?

Anonymous said...

I have a sony wega, model # kdf-60wf655. The red light on the front of my tv blinks 6 time. what is a possible solution for this. Is it a simple solution and could I fix it by my self. thank you.

Anonymous said...

HI, I have a Sony Projection TV Model # KP-57HW40. I do have red lines across the screen then the screen itself started to flash red before it will turn off and now the screen fades into a blue screen not being able to see the picture but still has sound. Can you tell me what I need to do to fix it myself.

chatter said...

sony tv model kdf42e2000 serial#8038080 problem, change bulb tv light up picture came on vedio blurr bulb turn off green light came on for 1minute then turn red and blink 5 times some say is the lamp driver board on that board carry a F100 IS THAT A FUSE THAT CONNECTED TO THE BULB IGNITER CIRCUIT ACCORDING TO YOUR CODE IS NOT THE LAMP DRIVER BOARD THAT BOARD IS 116.00 AND THE TV IS IN GUYANA. PAUL


What if there is no distinction to the blinking? As in it just blinks red start/stop no way to count the blinks?

I have a KDS-60a2020 that suddenly just wouldn't turn on == no warning!


Chris said...

Hi, I have a Sony kp-51ws500 projection tv and I have adjusted it awhile back to fix the rgb line issues, well now when I turn on the tv, the screen comes on normal, then flashes blue and goes to solid blue screen, then turns itsell off. The red led light in flashing 8 times now. Can someone please help me, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!! I'm having a problem with my SONY KDF-46E200. When I turn it on the green standby/power light blinks ...screen is black then the LAMP light starts blinking. What could be wrong??? I have misplaced my owners manual ;(
and I've had my tv for only 2yrs and 9 months. Could it be that there is dust that has caused the blinking light?? Would cleaning help?? If so, where do i need to clean.

Bob said...

KP-57XBR10W 5 Blinks and picture just keeps flashing
I have googled this to death and found what I believe is a repair - remove Q552 and install 470 ohm resistor, etc. My question is, can I replace the board that this takes place on with a new board that will fix this situation? Does anyone have the part number or other suggestions? The part number I found was for a different model and do not know if it's the same? a-1300-550-a

Anonymous said...

Hi..I have a Sony Wega that we purchased in 06. While watching TV, I heard a pop sound and picture went in and out. It was annoying, so I shut it off. When I went to turn back on later, no picture, no sound. nothing. The blinking light has come on 2, maybe 3 times in a row. We know NOTHING about TV repair. Is there a solution even we can handle? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

for my TV kdf 55xs955

3 blinks = lamp door is not secure
4 blinks = fan error, either power supply or obstruction or other.


Sean M. Broderick, CCIM said...

Have a KDS-55A2020 Sony DLP with the same 5 blinking problem.. replaced the lamp 2 weeks ago and everything with fine, then one morning, NO POWER-up and 5 blinking problem.. fan? circuit board?.. any help is greatly appreciated..

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

Sony KDS-R60XBR2

blinking red light 4x = dust in the cooling fan and/or dead fan. Can of air works if the fan is still operational. If the fan is dead you can get a new one from multiple sites, I bought mine from TigerDirect for ~$40 (s&h inc). Do not pay hundreds for this fix! If you can replace your spare lamp, you can replace the main fan behind the lamp in the left rear of the tv. Screwdriver + new fan = 10/15 minutes of work and hundreds saved. If it isn't the main cooling fan behind the lamp, then I believe there are two more smaller ones that are cheaper than the main one and that should fix it. But remember, knowing the price of the parts in addition to the fact that it should take no more than one hour total in labor costs and can easily be done on site (no need to lug your precious set around), do not pay more than ~$100 parts/labor to replace all 3 fans. If they quote more tell them they are scam artists. Feel bad for the person who paid $400 for this fix. They see an expensive tv and assume they can stretch you a bit b/c it's still cheaper than a new set and you obv have the cash for nice electronics. POS's iyam.

Anonymous said...

I have a sony KP51WS520 it blinks 7x's how can I fix this problem? cost? is it worth fixing or should i just go purchase a new tv

Anonymous said...

Have a sony wega Sony KP-51ws520 and have 9 blinks which is said to be a sound issue but I have no sound OR picture, had an issue a few weeks ago with the sound not being sent to the surround system (which was never resolved) but I just turned the surround off an used the tv speakers which worked fine up until a week ago With the current issue of no sound, no picture, anyone had this problem or know what I should do?

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter..but not so much for me.

I have a KF-50XBR800 that I picked up second hand. I know the lamp has been changed at least once.

Today it started turning on and off by itself...but in a very distinct pattern.

The TV will stay on for exactly 53 seconds..and then click off and the standby red light will blink exactly 34 times...followed by the TV turning back on for 53 seconds and then off for 34 blinks..etc..etc..etc..

Anyone with any ideas ??

Anonymous said...

I have a Sony KP-51WS500 the stand by light is blinking 9 times. the TV doesn't come on at all. Can someone help me with this problem?

Anonymous said...

hi superman i have a kp43ht20 and when i turn on my TV it blinks 4 times how do i fix this.

Anonymous said...

I have a sony wega big screen my standby green lights 44 time i dont see anything here close to it.. the screen goes out then after 44 blinks comes on for awhile i thought it might be over heating so i put a fan behind it that helped for about 2-3 days back to normal blinking again i have NEVER had this much problem with a tv its only 4 years old and has had 3 rear bulbs and 3 lights put in it and even after all that it was never really bright sometimes we had to close the drapes to see the picture .. any help out therre??? thanks

Karen said...

Sony HDtv 52" replaced bulb, still have 3 blinking red lights....any help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

My name is Danny C I have a SONY KDF-E42A10 and I'm getting 3 flashing red lights I changed the lamp and still have them. If any one has suggestions I would appreciate it thanks in advance.
Danny C

Anonymous said...

I have a sony trinitron 52in older version flat screen. The stand by light flashes 4 times when I try to turn it on after making the usual clicking sound. It also sometimes will flash 7 times. I looked on line and understand those are codes. Thing is that if we leave it off for a few days, we'll be able to turn in on again like nothing happened. WHat does this mean and can it be fixed and if so for how much? Any help would be so appreciated.

Anonymous said...

4 blinks on my KDS-R50XBR1, can of compressed air on the fans fixed it - at least for now. Thanks for the info, I'll watch those fans closely and clean them more often.

Anonymous said...

i have a kds-r50xbr1 that was given to me.The original owner was watching tv and tried to turn it off and it wouldn't shut down. He finally unplugged it and the next morning turned it on and it has a solid green screen with a 2" vertical white line and a 1"yellow vertical line on the left side of the screen. i can get audio but no picture except for the solid green screen and nothing on the remote works no menu screen or anything. i want to fix it but don't know what it could be.please help.thanks keith

tylerbennett5 said...

i have a sony kds-r50xbri that blinks 3 times other sites said it was the g board what do you think and where do i buy this part please email me

Anonymous said...

hi all. i have a kp-57ws500 and i was watching it one day and it started to go red then flashed green and turne itself off. after turning itself off it, standby blinks 8x. i got this tv for free and it was great for 6months so i gave away the tv that it replaced, then this happened. would love to know if the can o air/vacuume thing would work or do i need to take it apart? any info is appreciated.
you may email me at

All Computer said...

I have a Sony KDF-E42A10 and it blinks 8 times green then three red, i pulled the lamp and it is definately bad, should i replace the lamp first or does the code lead to something else that should be replaced first?? any help would be appreciated

alape said...

I have a sony KDS-R60XBR1 that has a blank screen. I get a red 5X code on the front. It's 5 years old --- is it worth fixing? Any idea how much it might cost to fix?

Thanks for any help. Alan

Anonymous said...

hello all, i have a kdf-55e2000 tv set that has been having problems. when i turned the unit on (today) i got 4 to 11 green flash before the 3 red flash comes on. can somebody please tell me how to fix this problem or can point me to the right direction. thank you very much.

-ted from jax

Anonymous said...

I have an KDS-R5XBR1 and i have a red light flashing five times. Sony says there is a power problem. When I asked if they could give me some direction they said to call the service business here. Anyone have anything I can try while I'm waiting for service guy. I feel like a crackhead, I need TV. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have a Sony kds 60a2000 red power light in front of set is blinking 9 times, can you help??? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey there, my t.v. won't turn on (or not consistently anyway). The standby/timer light blinks three times at a slower speed and then 6 times rapidly. It then repeats the rapid blinks at intervals. Any idea of solutions?

Anonymous said...

i have a 53XBR300 i bought it from some body couple of years back and now it has stopped working (screen is blank) and front standby/timer RED light has started to blink 4 times and stops for a second and then again blink 4 times and carries on the same cycle.
Not sure if this is repairable or its done with its life.
Help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I have a KP-65Ws510 Sony Rear Projection TV.
It was working perfectly, then one day it would not come on. it blinks 6 times when I hit the power button.
My plan is to take the back off and try cleaning it, it has been off for 5 days now straight.
I have checked the main fuse on the G power board and it is fine.
ALL caps look to be in perfect order.
ANYONE got any specific ideas on what to look for?
I have the service manual with the schematics and have a pretty good knowledge of electronics,.


mike said...

I have a 61xbr300,it went black the other day, so pic or sound, the standby light just keeps blinking. No certain number ot times, it just keeps going. NO pauses

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip about cleaning the dust around the large fan for fixing the 4 red blinks issue with the power light did the trick. Thank you so much, it saved us a lot of money and time.

Kestas Radzevicius said...

Hello, have 9 red led lights flashing on Sony KDS-55A2000 tv, any solutions to fix this problem?

Uttam Gill said...

Hello model number KF-50WE610
Serial number 9186625
My picture goes blank for about a minute with no sound, but then comes back on regularly and goes out again. No lights flash,no messages. Any soluions? Thanks.

Chad Allen said...

What dose it mean when a kp53s65 won't show a picture and don't have any sound and the red led light blinks continuesly no certin number of blinks..just continually blinks and don't stop?

Unknown said...

i have kp46wt520 sonny projection tv that blinks 5 times and 10 times the standby light keeps.blinking the tv comes.on and then shits off adter it blinks ten times does anyone know what is wrong picture just sound but it

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Unknown said...

I have a sony tv model# kp-51ws520 and it recently started to when i turn it on i can hear it but can't see it and then a few seconds later it turns off but a blinking stand by light keeps flashing.


I have a Kp-65ws510 sony tv it blinks six times but doesnt turn on. I hate to part with it. How much will it cost to fix this tv


Does it cost alot to fix a Sony Kp-65ws510 that blinks 6times.


I have a Kp-65ws510 sony tv it blinks six times but doesnt turn on. I hate to part with it. How much will it cost to fix this tv

Unknown said...

Ok I got a kf-60xbr800 that blinks 3 times how do I go about fixing this problem my friends.... Please help me out

claudio vilorio said...

Ok I got a kf-60xbr800 that blinks 3 times how do I go about fixing this problem my friends.... Please help me out

Sandy DiAnn Russell-Cross said...

I have a 2001 Sony Model No. KP - 57XBR10W Rear Projection that's doing the same thing. I need to know how to fix this....Please, can someone tell us how to fix our TV's?

Sandy DiAnn Russell-Cross said...

I have a 2001 Sony Model No. KP - 57XBR10W Rear Projection that's doing the same thing. I need to know how to fix this....Please, can someone tell us how to fix our TV's?

Sandy DiAnn Russell-Cross said...

I have exact same model; same problem how do I fix it? Sandy

Sandy DiAnn Russell-Cross said...

Same model#, Same problem.... How do I fix it? Sandy

Sandy DiAnn Russell-Cross said...

I have exact same model; same problem.... Where did you find the parts? Sandy

Unknown said...

My LCD Sony bravia CX35 is half screen blinking horizontaly

Chandrashekaraiah M G said...

My LCD Sony bravia CX35 is half screen blinking horizontaly