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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Storming Weather in Cancun, Mexico

Ok, not really. But for us Southern Californians it kind of was. I mentioned in some previous posts that the weather we had this week in Cancun, Mexico was amazing. And it was. We anticipated having rain and showers every day based on what told us, but we encountered very little.

Waterspout off the coast of Cancun, Mexico

In fact, the majority of the weather that we saw spanned the last couple of days. Last night, we were caught in a downpour on our way to Pat O’Briens. Then, when we came back from the night out, there was a great lighting storm happening just off the shore from our hotel combined with some good rain. Very fun to watch, especially if you are a Californian and not used to this sort of thing.

Then this morning, the storming continued. Not a ton of rain, but we caught several waterspouts off the coast, something that I had had never seen in person. It was a little unreal to watch them come down out of the clouds and form a mini-funnel cloud like a tornado on the water. Then, just as quickly as they formed, they disappeared.

Waterspout number 2 off the coast of Cancun, Mexico

The other news is that there are actually waves that can be surfed here. All week long, the breakers just pounded out on the beach. Today for the first time, you can see that the break offshore and there are some surfers in the water. Good news there.

Luckily, I grabbed a couple on quick snapshots. The good news is that I inadvertently found a whole bunch of new settings on my Canon PowerShot G7. I had previously complained about some of the night photos it took. What I somehow missed (and feel like a moron) was the ability to choose from about 30 different shooting modes including action, 3 nighttime modes, cloudy, sunny, etc.

Looks like I will have some setting to try out on future shots and hopefully further improve. I could have used this information back in June when we took photos on a sunny beach up in Pismo Beach, California.