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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Technically, A Good Weekend

This has been a pretty good, yet long weekend. The majority of time was spent helping out a few IT projects. Some long hours and a lot of fun made for both for successful deployments and good memories. The projects this weekend included a data center move and the implementation of a Windows 2003 Active Directory & Microsoft Exchange 2003 environment for a small office.

The projects started off on Friday night with the deployment of Microsoft’s Active Directory to a small business with approximately 100 desktops. The good news is that this was a controlled rollout, so we started out with just 12 machines. In fact, the preparations had been happening for a couple of weeks and the deployment went smoothly as it could have. All the planned machines were migrated to the domain, Exchange was enabled and email was flowing in just a couple of hours.

Then on Saturday, a data center migration took up the entire day in moving a number of servers from on collocation provider to another. The equipment started out in the Savvis (old Exodus) data center on Nash in El Segundo and made the trip about a half mile away to the 365 Main collocation center. Fortunately, this move went smooth as well. A couple of normal type of issues, but in the end only a relatively small amount of time was spent troubleshooting the installation and connectivity post move.

As you can see, although tiring it was a very technically based weekend. I will have to make sure to have more fun next weekend!