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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vista: Setup DLNA Media Server for PS3 - Step-by-Step Guide

With Windows Media Player 11 which is included with Microsoft Windows Vista and available as an update or download for Windows XP has the ability to perform as a media server. Better news on that is that since Microsoft is a board member of the DLNA, the media server can function as a DLNA media server.

DLNA media servers can be connected to from a number of devices, most importantly to me right now of course is the ability for it to be connected to via the Sony Playstation 3. This guide will take you through the basic steps to setup your machine as Media Server using Microsoft Windows Media Player as the server.

Here is the step-by-step guide:
1. Open your Microsoft Media Player 11. Click on Library --> Media Sharing to configure your computer for DLNA media sharing.

2. A pop-up window appears for Media Sharing. Make sure the 'Share My Media' Checkbox is checked and click on 'OK' to continue.

3. For the Media Sharing setting for 'Share music, pictures, and video on your network', click on the 'Setting' option to configure the details about your DLNA Media Player 11 sharing.

4. For Media Share, now choose your default settings. In the 'Share Media as' textbox enter the name that you want your media server to appear as when they find it on the network. My choice was 'Vista'. Next, choose the media types your want to share, music, pictures, and/or video. Then any star or parental ratings that your want to prevcent. Lastly, to make the finding of my PS3 easiest for my computer I checked the checkbox 'Allow new devices and computers automatically (not recommended)'. Make sure you are on an internal network to protect your media. Click on the 'OK' button.

5. A pop up window appears for an 'Add Devices' dialog. 'If you continue, any media player that is detected on any network you use will be able to access your shared library while you are connected. Do you want to continue?' Click on 'Yes' to continue. The media player sharing is now setup.

6. The next step is to add media to your library so that it is available to the DLNA server. To do this, click on Library --> Add to Library to open the dialog. On the 'Add to Library' dialog, you can choose a quick setup of 'My personal folders' if you store you media in Windows default locations, or you can click on the 'Advanced Options' button to choose specific folders. After you have completed, click on 'OK' to continue.

7. In the 'Add to Library by Searching Computer' the Media Player 11 with DLNA server support will scan the specified directories in the previous step to add to the library. In the example below, recent pictures of the trip to Cancun were added to my media library. Once this completes, click on the 'Close' button to complete the setup of the DLNA media server.

Congratulations, you have successfully setup your Media Player 11 on Windows XP or Windows Vista for use with a DLNA server. Now you can connect to it from a number of devices including an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3!

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Mick.Jagger* said...

I have a problem: My PS3 cannot find the media server (WMP11).

I have set-up WMP11 as suggested. Directories have been added for media sharing. "Network Discovery" has been activated.

Vista recognizes the PS3 as an "Unknown Device" which is "Allowed" media sharing in the "Private Network" in the "Media Sharing" window.

All required media sharing and UPnP services have been started automatically, required ports opened in Linksys wireless router, and firewall checked to allow WMP11 media sharing.

With my "Media and Sharing Center" window open, I then have the PS3 search for a media server.

When the PS3 reports that it "cannot find a media server," you can see in the "Media and Sharing Center" window that Vista then changes from my "Private Network" setting, and begins searching for a "Public Network."

This turns OFF "Network Discovery," which results in the PS3 not being able to find the media server.

Does anyone else have this problem, and does anyone have an answer for this problem??

night walker said...

i did every thing ... but it still doesn't seem to work .. i mean it doesn't scan like it still don't recognize my ps3 ..

Anonymous said...

I was having the same problem exactly as Mick.Jagger above posted. His post got me thinking that if the PS3 does not want to look for private networks, then I can at least make my Vista machine network public. To do that, I just went to the Media Sharing Networking button and the clicked 'Customize' which is in a blue font. Then just select Public instead of private. I then started up my PS3 and sure enough, it now sees it. I'd prefer to keep things private though if anyone knows how to do it that way. - webmaster said...

Make sure that you set the connection to private or else it will not work.

Anonymous said...

Make sure your virus protection software allows your PC to see and trust the other components in your network, such as the PS3.

Anonymous said...

when i click media sharing under libary in media player it says "your network (belkin54g) is a public network. sharing is disabled to protect your privacy. if you consider this to be a private network, change network settings." To link comes up with network sharing center, I turn file sharing...etc all on except media sharing because when i click change it comes up with the quote i said before. Help please

Stuart said...

Had the same problems as Mick, all it came down to was the 'Media Player Network Sharing Service' was disabled. To fix - Right click computer in start menu, select manage/services and applications/services and scroll down the list until you find the network sharing service I mentioned above. Double click, change to automatic, click start, confirm and your done. you can also check UPDP and SSDP Discovery settings from here.

Michael said...

I could see the Media server in PS3, but couldn't connect. Vista couldn't see the PS3.
It was the router: the firewall and
the DMZ Host setting - I needed to disable it.
See my post:
PS3 Vista media solution

oficina Virtual said...

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