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Sunday, September 23, 2007

iTunes Installation Problems with Warning on Windowsw Vista

Apple itunes problems warning

A couple of weeks ago, Apple released version of their iTunes software that help you manage your music and other media in relation with your computer. While the upgrade process is usually seamless given the Apple Software Update, this time it failed consistently over a several day period. A bad sign, given that it failed during the download of the combined iTunes and QuickTime updates -- only 11MB through the ~50MB or so package.

After the failures, I turned to Apple's iTunes download to get the complete version and complete the upgrade. The download worked fine and the installation completed without any further problems. Then I attempted to use iTunes...

Before even starting up iTunes, the Apple iTunes Setup Assistance window pops up with a warning message:

"iTunes was not properly installed. If you wish to import or burn CDs, you need to reinstall iTunes."

Update: This issue has been fixe! Check my post for the solution:

Since I import most of my CDs to rip them in iTunes this presents quite a significant issue. I went ahead an rebooted the machine just in case something was a little off on the Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit (x64) system. After reboot, still the same problem message occures every single time I start up iTunes:

"iTunes was not properly installed. If you wish to import or burn CDs, you need to reinstall iTunes."

Heeding the advice of the Apple iTunes warning message, I went ahead and uninstalled my Apple iTunes completely. I then rebooted my machine and installed Apple iTunes from scratch. Still the issue persisted with the now annoying message:

"iTunes was not properly installed. If you wish to import or burn CDs, you need to reinstall iTunes."

I have installed iTunes and upgrades to Apple iTunes probably close to 20 times at this point. This is the first time I have encountered anything of this sort. Now I know that Apple states that they do not support the 64-bit versions of Windows explicitly, but it would seem that if previous versions worked then this one would as well. Who knows whether it is a Windows Vista or a 64-bit issue, but hopefully it will get fixed in the next release.

Apple should really start explicitly supporting the Windows 64-bit explicitly as practically all processors produced today are strictly 64-bit or higher.

Hopefully I can do some research and resolve the issue. Has anyone else had this problem?

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David said...

Here's what to do:

1. iTunes is installed just fine, so don't worry.

2. go to and download the proper version for your setup (the top one for 32bit versions, the middle for 64bit ones).

3. that should do it, when you look in the preferences under itunes, go to the "advanced" tab and click the "burning" tab. you should see you're burner listed there and itunes will stop giving you that warning message.