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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fire Incident at Apple Store in San Francisco - 2 Fire Department Engines!

I know that the Apple iPhone is really hot, but it looks like they were really on fire earlier today. At the San Francisco Apple Store at 1 Stockton had a 2-alarm San Francisco Fire Department response to a fire alarm including hook and ladders! The incident, which happened shortly before 11:00am on Sunday morning before the store actually opened.

Ashley and I happened to be walking by to pick up a couple of accessories for her new Apple iPhone 8GB. You can imagine our surprise and the commotion around the front of the Apple Store with the fire alarm blaring. We arrived shortly before the Fire Department made their appearance.

Fortunately, no Apple iPhones, iMacs, or iPods were harmed in the incident. While the store was completely evacuated and two separate fire departments showed up, it appears that the incident was a false alarm. Speaking with an employee a few minutes later revealed that this has happened a couple of times since the opening for no apparent reason.

However, you do know those iPhones are really hot, apparently flammable as well! Below is a video and a couple of quick photos I snapped during the Apple Store fire incident in San Francisco.

Here are a couple of video clips I shot. In the last clip, you can see the firemen leaving, plus the Apple Store employees entering back in so they can open back up and sell all the iPhones, iPod Touches, iPod Nanos, and iPod classics that they can along with a load of accessories:

Picture 1: Second Hook and Ladder arrives to the Fire Alarm incident at the Apple Store
Apple Store Fire Alarm Incident with Arriving Hook and Ladder

Picture 2: Partial group of San Francisco Firefighters entering the Apple Store to check out the alarm and make sure everything is ok.
Firefighters enter the Apple Store on 1 Stockton to make sure everything is ok

Picture 3: Apple employee talks with a Fire Chief about the incident and the progress inside.
Apple Employee from the Apple Store checks with the Fire Captain or Marshall about the issue


Anonymous said...

This is pretty funny, Apple gets in the news again. Perhaps another Apple Powerbook caught fire?