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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ashley's New iPhone 8GB

I mentioned some weeks ago around the launch of the Apple iPhone that it was not a device for me. Primarily for two reasons, 1 - the lack of GPS functionality, and 2 - the lack of intergration for Corporate E-mail systems. However, Apple's new iPhone -- the 8GB version (MA712LL/A) turned out to be the perfect phone or iPhone for her!

Ashley's new iPhone 8GB (MA712LL/A) being unboxed and ready for use!

Ashley carries too many devices around in my opinion, an Apple iPod Nano, Motorola RAZR V3 phone, and a Palm Pilot personal organizer. In addition to all of those devices, she was out of space on her Apple iPod Nano 4GB. With that in mind and in search of the new iPod Nano, we elected to purchase the new Apple iPhone 8GB for here, especially given the recent price drop.

This is great news for Ashley, and just a few minutes after setting up iTunes 7.4.3 -- had the phone activated with her old phone number transferred over. Even better, this means a couple of things -- a whole new slew of Apple iPhone articles as well as additional Motorola RAZR V3 articles as I can really go to town on her old Motorola RAZR V3. Stay tuned!