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Thursday, September 13, 2007

BlackBerry 8800 Series Lambskin Leather Swivel Holster Replacement

After seven months of heavily use my AT&T (formerly Cingular) Blackberry 8800, it is still ticking away an is little worse for the wear. Despite a couple of minor issues with the GPS in foreign countries, the device has been quite resilient to travel and the numerous drops and bumps it has received.

One of the main reasons for this is the new leather case that comes with it. With the inclusion of the new magnetic flap on the standard leather case, your Blackberry 8800 is easily secured. This is a huge improvement from the prior included versions.

Previous Blackberry devices has a plastic clip-in case that worked some of the time. There were a couple of major problem with it though. First, with minor bumps or twists, the Blackberry would get ejected from the case and generally fall from you belt line gouging the the case, or risking cracking your LCD screen on the Blackberry. The second was the more you used the case, the more lose the plastic clips got, increasing the change the Blackberry would be dropped.

That being said, this past week the clip on the belt clip broke without warning. Not from a bump that I can remember, but basically the plastic piece where the pin that holds the clip in cracked and the clip disassembled. The top the case flap that makes this case so successful was cracking as well -- so maybe it was time for it to go.

No, this is not a repair guide on how to fix the belt clip. Rather, I ended up ordering a couple of new cases from Webtreo through at $7.79. Today I received my new genuine OEM BlackBerry 8800 Series Lambskin Leather Swivel Holster, Pitch Black and it was just as expected. Not to mention, it is a great savings over the retail price of $29.99 from most places. So if you need a new one, now you know where to get it.