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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3 - How to Transfer Phonebook Contacts to Your Computer Guide - Step-by-Step

One of the biggest knocks on Motorola is that they do not provide free software to allow you to connect and synchronize your Microsoft Outlook with you Motorola V3 RAZR or similar phone. In fact, if you purchase a copy of Motorola's Mobile Phone Tools (MPT), this is a very simple process -- however, that retails for $49 and you can do it for free.

Let me admit though, it was not easy for me to get this functionality to work. Several different tools, versions, and trials were required to finally get access to the Phonebook contacts via one of the free tools out there. Interestingly, access to things like the SMS text messages and phone books (contacts) are NOT via the standard P2K mode. This means that core programs like P2KCommander will not necessarily work for you.

Rather, you need a program that also supports 'AT' or Motorola phone modem mode to get to those items via USB cable, generally speaking. In fact, I tried out several programs including LeaderGL FlexEditor (10.0, 10.4, 10.6, & 10.8), P2KMan, P2KTools (P2KTools2 - 0.8.3, 0.8.6, 0.9.1, P2KTools3 -,,,,,,,,,, MotoKit v1.06, and MotoDataRecovery, all with varying levels of success. In general, the majority of the programs stopped supporting (LeaderGL 10.4 was the last supported version with SMS Text Messages) SMS Text Messages, or did not work properly. In fact, the ONLY program I was able to get to work was P2KTools version 0.8.6, build 406. If you are looking for that, you can download it from this page. It will require a tool capable or dealing with RAR archives such as WinRAR.

Fortunately, with P2KTools2, there is little configuration -- just unzip and you are ready to go assuming you have drivers installed for P2K devices.

This guide will take you through the use of P2KTools2 (although newer or different versions may work for you) on my Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit (x64) system. I will display all of my contacts on the phone and then export them to a CSV that can be imported or sync'd with Microsoft Outlook and vice-versa.

If you are able to use this guide, please let me know with a comment below. Here is the step-by-step.

1. Start up the P2KTools2 program by clicking on the P2KTools.exe file that you extracted to the folder of your choice. Notice in the lower left hand corner that the program should be green and show as connected. The default opens up to P2K mode, click on the down arrow next the the green icon with 'Switch to' label and select 'Switch to AT mode'.
Use P2KTools2 to transfer phonebook contacts to your Outlook and sync for free, step 1

2. First verify that you are still connected in the lower left hand corner, it should also be a blue icon now. This is the default screen for the AT mode that will be used to transfer the phonebook contacts to Microsoft Outlook and your PC. Now click on the 'PhoneBook' button to go to your PhoneBook contacts.
Display PhoneBook contacts in P2kTools2 for sync with Microsoft Outlook for free

3. This is the default PhoneBook contact view for your Motorola RAZR V3 or similar phone. You can double-click on any particular contact to view or change it. When you are ready to export your contacts from your phone, select the appropriate contacts (or all contacts). To do this, click on the individual messages or multiple messages (hold down shift / control when clicking or use the shift plus down arrow to select multiples) and then click on the 'Backup' button.
Select your phonebook contacts for export to CSV file for free sync with Microsoft Outlook

4. After you click on Backup, it will prompt you to save the phonebook contacts to a location, so that you can later modify or import them into Microsoft Outlook. Find the location you want, name the CSV file, and click on 'Save' to complete.
Now save the exported phonebook contacts to CSV file to import into Microsoft Outlook for free.

Congratulations, now you have been able to export your phonebook contacts to your computer for synchronization with Outlook for free, modifying them, or just keeping a backup handy!

Coming soon, a tutorial on how to import into Microsoft Outlook!

This guide may be compatible with the following mobile phones:
A1200, A1200e, A1200i, A1200r, A630, A732, A780, A780+, A835, A845, A910, c390, C698p, E1, E1 iTunes, E1000, E1070, E1070R, E2, E398, E398B, E550, E680, E680g, E680i, E690, E770, E770V, E790, E790 iTunes, E815, E815, E816m, E825, K1c, K1cm, K1m, K1mm, K1m-Sprint, K1s, K1v, K3, L2, L6, L6e, L6i, L6-imode, L7, L71, L72, L7c, L7c-SLVR Sprint, L7e, L7i, L7-imode, L9, L9-orange, Ming, Ming Refresh, Ming EDGE, MOTOKRZR K1, MOTOKRZR K1t, MOTOKRZR K3, MOTOKRZRmaxxK3, MOTORAZR maXX V3, MOTORAZR V3xx, MOTORAZR V9mm, MOTORAZR2V9HSDPA, MOTORAZRmaXXV3, MOTORIZR Z6, MOTOROKR E6, MOTOROKR E6, MOTOROKR E6e, PEBL U3, PEBL U6, PEBL-U6, Pico, RAZRmaxxV3i-mode, RAZRV3x, RAZR3xR, RAZRV3xv, RazrV3xx, RazrV3xxi, RazrV3xxv, RazrV6, RazrV6v, RazrV6vb, RazrV6vc, ROKR E1, ROKR E1 iTunes, SLVR RED, U5m, U6, V1075, V1100, V195, V197, V215, V280, V3, V3 CTP, V3/p, V323i, V325i, V330, V330i, V360, V360i, V360m, V360q, V360v, V361, V362, V365, V367p, V3am, V3b, V3c, V3c Rev2, V3cm, V3i, V3i EDGE, V3_iTunes, V3i_Screen3, V3iv, V3m, V3mm, V3m-Sprint, V3r, V3re, V3t, V3v, V3x, V3xr, V3xv, V500, V500m, V501, V505, V525, V525m, V535, V536, V540, V545, V547, V550, V551, V551j, V551m, V555, V557, V557p, V560, V600, V600i, V600m, V620, V635, V635i, V6maxx, V710, V710m, V8, V80, V9, V9m, V9mS, W385, W385 ROW, W510, W510-orange, Z3, Z3mS, V6m, Z6tv

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Rachel said...

My contacts aren't showing up :(
I can view my text messages and all still.
Any advice?

Wudman said...

Worked like a charm... Thanks!!!

eXcelzus said...


how do I get my v3x to connect to P2KTools? You mentioned that I needed P2K drivers?

Could you elaborate?

Is it supposed to show connected once I plug in my v3x?


HeatherLyn said...

This worked great, forgot to mention however that you have to hit "read" once you get into the phone book, then it will display the contacts.

Frank said...

Anyone have any luck with the V3xx Phone? Is it so different that this no longer works?

Anonymous said...

every time I switch to AT mode in the lower left hand corner the light turns red, so I cannot view the contact list, what do I do?

Ken Hanscom said...

Are you using the most updated drivers from the website? It sounds like you are missing the drivers for the AT mode on your phone and only have the P2K mode drivers.

Satyam said...

Thank you for the detailed article. I t worked just great, to the word. Your research saved considerable time for me.

Anonymous said...

Worked for me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

It does not allows me to stay connected using the AT mode but with the regular mode it does connect.
what can i do?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thank you! You saved me hours of work.

Gregg said...

I plugged my Razr into my PC with a standard USB cable and Windows detected it and launched the Add New Hardware wizard. I downloaded the P2K drivers v2.6.2 from this URL ( and pointed the wizard to the extracted contents.

OPENING my Razr caused Windows to recognize a few other devices in the phone and they installed automatically when pointed to searching the same extract folder as above.

Then everything worked as detailed with P2KTools. Thanks a ton!

Anonymous said...

besides your leaving out the obvious - click on "read" - to open the address book (for us dummies!) It worked a treat; glad to be moving off the clunky motorola contact interface and only wish I had read this 18 months ago when I decided no way would I pay for sw when the likes of Nokia give this sort of sw away for free

you have done me a great service THANKS

Anonymous said...

Great guides on here, successfully moved my pics off my v3xx to my pc as well as made a test ringtone and loaded it to the phone and got it to work.

However, I can not get this to work. I start p2ktools, get green connected status. Change to AT and get blue connected status. Change to phonebook and hit read but I do not see any contacts. I can see my emails under the SMS icon, so does that mean the AT drivers are installed? I have the latest drivers from moto, but not sure how to check to make sure they include at driver? Would love to make this work for my v3xx. thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you for such detailed instructions. Really helped me download my contacts list from my RAZR onto my PC.


Anonymous said...

It worked for my Motorola Razor V3c. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi i have been at my computer for 2days straight now. i've finally gotten everything to work except when i change it to AT mode it disconnects. I've installed all the drivers about a thousand times and i dont know what else to do. The fone is connected when in PK mode but disconnects everytime in AT mode. My screen is broken and i need my contacts. Any help PLEASE

Anonymous said...

Motorola V3r - Flip/ screen broken off, so the phone was literally in two pieces.

Brought it to the phone store, they said the phone book entries could not be retrieved because the flip/ screen broken off, and there was no way to navigate the phone's menu.

Used PK P2KTools 0.8.6 build 406

Was able to back them up into a csv from the old phone, and restore them via the same file to the new phone... wooohoo!


S said...

I have a razr from Sprint and after installing the drivers and p2ktools... when I open the p2ktools the status remains disconnected. Any advice?

Sam said...

Thank you!!!!! This worked great. I have been trying to do this for god knows how long. your site is a lifesaver!

Anonymous said...

Whoa ! finally i'm able to save my contacts on my laptop !! Thanks man you have done a wonderful job !! For all those who cannot connect their phone or the status in the P2kTools remains Disconnected. The same was the situation with me. When i finally installed the drivers from the link by Ken I was able to charge my phone and at the same time the Status on P2KTools changed to connected. Hope it helps !

Anonymous said...

Thanks, your guide worked perfectly where the PhoneTools Software failed me

Animesh said...

Thanks! This helped a lot.


Anonymous said...

Like HeatherLyn said...
This worked great, forgot to mention however that you have to hit "read" once you get into the phone book, then it will display the contacts.

Yes, you do have to hit "READ"

Many Thanks for the hard work..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the guides. My Razr V3xx broke so I needed to take the contacts out of it. PKCommander worked fine (after installing latest Motorola USB drivers). However, P2KTools 0.86 didn't work for getting contacts out (it was able to read text messages though). To get the contacts out, I used PKTools3 version 3.0.8 build 864 (I found it here: This version seems to work nicely with the V3xx.

Anonymous said...

It worked like a charm. Thanks for your help.

toxicsingularity said...

It doesn't work at all!!! Not for me anyway. the computer recognizes the phone,but both P2K Commander AND P2K tools show it as disconnected.. Any suggestions???

Anonymous said...

Where from can I download P2KTools version 0.8.6, build 406 ?

Anonymous said...

Initially, when I connect my Razr to laptop, it was always complaining about the drivers. Therefore, this tool was always showing as disconnected. Then I went to motorola's web-site to download USB driver ( and installed it on my PC. It immediately identified my phone and this tool worked perfectly as mentioned. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything worked well without a problem. Great article dude.

Tkachrus said...

Great article, tried to do the same with moto tools, but something seems to be wrong everytime.)

Wild-bout-Life said...

I am incredibly happy that after almost a year, this post helped me get my SMS text messages from an old Motorola V3 to my computer. It took me a while to fine a P2K download in English, but found one at Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Hey, this worked great! Thanks.
I'm using Windows 7 with a V3 RAZR.

shavika said...

Motorola V3xx - Flip/ screen broken off, so the phone was literally.
Brought it to the phone store, they said the phone book entries
could not be retrieved because the flip/ screen broken off,
and there was no way to navigate the phone's menu.
when I open the p2ktools the status remains disconnected. Any advice? kindly please help me... i need all my contact is really valuable for me...

Elle E'Trois said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!