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Monday, September 03, 2007

P2KTools - Installation Guide for Motorola V3 RAZR - Step-by-Step

Over the weekend, I started using another program in place of the now famous P2K Commander software that has provided file & multi-media access to my Motorola V3 RAZR. The reason being is that over the past several months, the P2K Commander has not taken many steps forward while other programs have. In addition, while P2K Commander is great to the P2K mode, it does not offer the all important AT Motorola Modem mode which is arguably just as important.

Why? Because with the AT Motorola Modem mode, you have have access to your Calendar, PhoneBook, Phone Information & Status, as well as your SMS Text Messages and Email inboxes. A perfect tool that helps with this is P2KTools; a free program that enables both P2K (file), SEEM, and AT access to your Motorola V3 phone (RAZR V3 in my case) simply an easily.

That being said, all versions may not necessarily work with your computer. The version that I will be demonstrating here, 0.8.6 Build 406 seemed to work great on both Windows XP SP2 32-bit (x86), and Microsoft Vista 64-bit (x64). The other versions of P2KTools I tried included P2KTools2 - 0.8.3, 0.8.6, 0.9.1, and P2KTools3 -,,,,,,,,, None of the others readily established connectivity via the USB drivers for Motorola V3 RAZR and USB 2.0 cable. P2K Tools 0.8.6 build 406, worked like a charm.

Does this guide work for you? If so, let me know with a comment below. Here is the step-by-step:

1. Obtain a copy of P2KTools2 0.8.6, build 406. I obtained mine from this site.

2. Save the file to the location of your choice.
Download the RAR archive for P2KTools_0.8.6.rar to your desired lcoation

3. Open the archive with the RAR compression tool of your choice. I downloaded an evaluation copy of WinRAR from this site. Then extract the files in the same folder.
View of the P2KTools_0.8.6.rar archive from WINRAR

4. Now browse to the folder where the archive was extracted to.
Browse to archive director to see the list of files, include P2KTools.exe

5. Plug your Motorola V3 phone (RAZR) into your computer via a USB 2.0 cable. Turn your phone on.

6. Double-click on P2KTools.exe and the startup of the program will load the drivers to connect to the phone and connect to the phone.
Home screen of P2KTools2 0.8.6, build 406 showing connection and options

Congratulations, your phone is now connected to P2KTools2 and is available for file browsing (P2K mode) or looking at messages and contacts (AT) mode.

This guide may be compatible with the following mobile phones:
A1200, A1200e, A1200i, A1200r, A630, A732, A780, A780+, A835, A845, A910, c390, C698p, E1, E1 iTunes, E1000, E1070, E1070R, E2, E398, E398B, E550, E680, E680g, E680i, E690, E770, E770V, E790, E790 iTunes, E815, E815, E816m, E825, K1c, K1cm, K1m, K1mm, K1m-Sprint, K1s, K1v, K3, L2, L6, L6e, L6i, L6-imode, L7, L71, L72, L7c, L7c-SLVR Sprint, L7e, L7i, L7-imode, L9, L9-orange, Ming, Ming Refresh, Ming EDGE, MOTOKRZR K1, MOTOKRZR K1t, MOTOKRZR K3, MOTOKRZRmaxxK3, MOTORAZR maXX V3, MOTORAZR V3xx, MOTORAZR V9mm, MOTORAZR2V9HSDPA, MOTORAZRmaXXV3, MOTORIZR Z6, MOTOROKR E6, MOTOROKR E6, MOTOROKR E6e, PEBL U3, PEBL U6, PEBL-U6, Pico, RAZRmaxxV3i-mode, RAZRV3x, RAZR3xR, RAZRV3xv, RazrV3xx, RazrV3xxi, RazrV3xxv, RazrV6, RazrV6v, RazrV6vb, RazrV6vc, ROKR E1, ROKR E1 iTunes, SLVR RED, U5m, U6, V1075, V1100, V195, V197, V215, V280, V3, V3 CTP, V3/p, V323i, V325i, V330, V330i, V360, V360i, V360m, V360q, V360v, V361, V362, V365, V367p, V3am, V3b, V3c, V3c Rev2, V3cm, V3i, V3i EDGE, V3_iTunes, V3i_Screen3, V3iv, V3m, V3mm, V3m-Sprint, V3r, V3re, V3t, V3v, V3x, V3xr, V3xv, V500, V500m, V501, V505, V525, V525m, V535, V536, V540, V545, V547, V550, V551, V551j, V551m, V555, V557, V557p, V560, V600, V600i, V600m, V620, V635, V635i, V6maxx, V710, V710m, V8, V80, V9, V9m, V9mS, W385, W385 ROW, W510, W510-orange, Z3, Z3mS, V6m, Z6tv

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Anonymous said...


I decided to try this one out as I couldnt get the the original p2k to work with my razor v3. When I start this program up my phone automatically disconnects and the program needs to shut down. What am I doing wrong.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

It took me forever, but after several hours of tweaking and playing, somehow I got P2k Commander to work with my razr. However, looking at P2KTools, I decided to give it a try for the added features like you suggested. Well, for some reason, P2KTools will connect to my phone without a hitch, but it won't -DO- anything. Everything shows up empty, never refreshing, and if I try to refresh it, it freezes up.

Any suggestions on this?

Anonymous said...

I have P2k Tools VS, but it doesn't seem to have the KJava module...

So I got P2k Tools 0.86 build 406 from the same website. However, every time I launch P2k Tools it crashes with the "P2kTools has encountered a problem and needs to close" dialog.

I've tried disabling DEP for P2kTools.exe, no joy on that.

The program works while the dialog is present but communication with the phone seems to be broken. Any ideas?

Ken Hanscom said...

Have you tried the genuine Motorola Drivers? If you are having problems, they should help with the connectivity. There are here:

Tyler Devereaux said...

Ken, would you recommend this program in lieu of P2k Commander? I'm wondering if I can use this as an alternative, since I'm having trouble getting P2kCommander to work.

Ken Hanscom said...

P2KTools is a good alternative to P2K Commander if it continues to give issues.

Anonymous said...

Hi ken,
I've installed the Motodev drivers, and P2Ktools. When I hit Kjava or refresh, it hangs at "updating information""Label 1" and 0 percent. I've got nothing in any of the dialog boxes. Using Cingular & a V3 Razr. HELP!

Ken Hanscom said...

Steve -- is your RAZR V3 charging when you plug it into the USB cable? Trying to check and see if the drivers installed properly.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I installed P2KCommander earlier in the day and got that to work uploading ringtones, and it does charge. But nothing in P2KTools. It shows connected but absolutely no data in any of the boxes. Rebooted phone and computer too.

Ken Hanscom said...

Steve -- are you in P2K mode or AT mode on P2K Tools?


Anonymous said...

P2K mode

Dystopian said...

Hi, Thanks for the information though I'm still struggling to download photos from my phone, it doesn't work with the Motorola Phone Tools disk or any other method I've tried so far.

I thought I'd pass on a useful program I use called JZip it will decompress everything that WinZip will and also many more compressed file formats such as .RAR files. It's free to download and use permanently so it's a better alternative than WinRar. It has an interface similar to other compression software so it's easy to use. Since I started using it I've got rid of both WinZip and WinRar and find that it's all I need.

Dystopian said...

I've actually been able to transfer my photos from my phone to my computer at last.

Thanks so much for the information, you're a hero!

Anonymous said...

I got the genuine motorola drivers. USB now charges RAZR V3m phone just fine.

Trying the P2KTools 0.8.6 - starts up, phone beeps, says its connected, but screen is blank. If I click on almost anything, tool hangs (e.g. click on Switch To P2K Mode). If I end the process, and try to restart - nothing, until a logout/login or reboot.

I have also tried P2K Commander V4.9.E (latest I could find) - that's really horrible, starts up, but if try anything there, it also hangs, and when I end it's process, get a blue screen of death and hard reboot every time.

Any thoughts?

Sabby_mg said...

I have been trying for months, and just finally got my pictures off and ringtones onto my phone using mobile phone tools. I can't seem to get either P2K commander or tools to work. It won't connect in P2K tools, and commander doesn't even find my phone at all. It just has my computer files on it. My phone is sitting next to me charging right now, so I know the driver is working. It worked with Mobile Phone Tools also.
I just can't get p2k to work.
Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

Sabby said...

Ok, while searching forum after forum, I finally figured out how to get p2k commander to see my phone, you have to have Microsoft Software Update running in the background. But, I would like to get games onto my phone.
My problems now are as follows:
1)p2k tools running alone won't connect to my phone.
2)running msu then p2k won't start p2k.
3)starting p2k then msu freezes up p2k and msu.

I'm sorry, I really don't know how to fix this. Can anyone give some suggestions please?!

Steve said...

Well I had to drop back a version on the P2k commander, but I got it to work, I can transfer files from the phone to the pc and from the PC to the phone, restarted the phone after installing some games, unable to view the games. They go in the mobile/kjava folder correct?

Monica said...

HOW TO DOWNLOAD P2KTools 0.8.6.rar FROM THE LINK YOU HAVE GIVEN? i cant make that work

Monica said...

where can i download p2ktools 0.8.6.rar ? that link that you have on your post doesnt work, thank you!