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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PSP: How to Restore Factory Defaults

I had to restore the factory defaults on my Sony Playstation Portable today. The PSP had become unresponsive after playing a game, and then some of the configurations were out of whack.

If you need to restore your Sony PSP to its factory default settings, here is how you do it:

1. Go to the Settings Tab on your PSP
2. Go to System Settings, press X.
3. Scroll down until you see Restore Default Settings and press X.
4. Press your right button on your D-pad to select yes in the confirmation window and press X. The settings on your Sony Playstation Portable are reset to the defaults.

Once you complete the process, your PSP should be restored to the factory default settings. It is important to realize you that it will not "downgrade" or change the version of your Sony Playstation Portable's firmware / software. It will only reset the actually settings to the system defaults.


Anonymous said...

My son has figured out that if he resets the PSP to factory defaults he can bypass the parental controls! He then has free access to the internet....someone help!

Anonymous said...

He has a far worse problem- a controlling parent. Go jump in a fire.

Anonymous said...

try puting a password on your internet so that you need a password to gain acess to the internet it should work.

Anonymous said...

My Psp 3001 just doesnt start up. It hangs after pressing the power button. It stays and say Initial set up. thats it. I press enter and it doesnt work at all. I need help and guide to fix it. please... big thanks

T-R3X said...

HEHE comments 1 & 2 were in Demotivational Posters on the 16/11/10

Anonymous said...

You've made it to the internets

Anonymous said...

Whoever left comment 2 probably doesn't have children, and he/she assumes too many things; like, for example, that the parent (who probably pays for the internet service) has no business knowing what their child is up to.

Anonymous said...

RE:To the parent who was worrying about the child using psp for internet. You can access any site, and possibly even hack into a network or bank or anything that is on the networks.So if your worried about your child, all you can do is teach your child about the dangers of the internet, and give your child the freedom of choice. Hope and pray he or she doesn't become a youtube video star.