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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3 - How to Increase the Battery Life

One of the most important parts of your Motorola V3 RAZR phone is the battery. The reason of cours is that without it, your phone will cease to function. This means that you want to make your battery last the longest after each charge and increase the useful life of it so you do not have to replace it every six months.

Out of the box, several settings and techniques on your Motorola RAZR V3 are not configured to maximize the length of the battery. For this reason, this guide will instruct you on both phone system changes and behaviors that you can take that will dramatically increase the life of the battery on your Motorola phone.

Are these tips helping you out? Please let me know with a comment!

1. Treat your battery kindly. What does this mean? Outside of initial battery conditioning where you completely drain and then recharge your battery, never use up all of the battery between charges. If you are getting close to running out, shut the phone off until you can charge it again!

2. When charging, minimize the amount of times that you do not completely charge the phone. If possible, always wait until the Motorola RAZR V3 phone presents the "Charge Complete" message on your phone.

3. Reduce animations and screen savers. To do this, go to Settings --> Personalize --> Screen Saver --> Picture and set it to none. This will disable the screensaver and save a ton of battery life.

4. Bluetooth wireless settings off by default. To do this, go to Settings --> Personalize --> Home Screen --> Home Keys --> Smart Key and set one for Bluetooth. Since your phone has Bluetooth, assign the Bluetooth setup menu to a softkey for fast access. Then, turn the Bluetooth radio off and leave it that way. You can activate Bluetooth anytime you want with only a few keystrokes, and then turn it back off after use.

5. Screen use minimized by Settings --> Initial Setup --> Display Timeout, set to 1 minute. This will keep your screen lit for the shortest time greatly reducing battery consumption.

6. Screen backlight minimized by Settings --> Initial Setup --> Backlight --> Timer and set to 20 seconds. This will turn the backlight setting to the lowest possible, which will again greatly increase battery life.

7. Key volume reduction by Settings --> Audio --> Ring Detail --> Key Volume set to 0. Louder sound and volume will reduce batter time.

8. Battery Saver for light detection by Settings --> Initial Settings --> Battery Saver set to off. Some phones have a built-in light meter, that monitors the amount of light available to the phone to determine if the backlight should remain lit or even come on at all. Disabling this feature will speed up the phone and reduce the number of commands in it's timer cycle, therefore reducing the amount of used battery due to the fact that most of these phones do not have light meters or are flip phones and only have the screen open and on for short period of time.

9. Screen brightness reduction by Settings --> Initial Setup --> Brightness and reduce the brightness from 6 to to a lower level, possibly 0. Settings around three seem to be great without causing eye strain.

10. Change how often you switch between cell towers Settings --> Network --> Network Setup --> Search, set to slow. This will increase the time between charges, because the phone will not switch between cells towers so often.

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Jim said...

YES!! Finally, some straight forward help, without putting me down with comments about how stupid I am. I made several of these changes. Will have to wait and see. The instructions are simple and take me right where they said. Not like so many when you follow their instructions, "your" phone doesn't go there. Thanks!

Mike said...

Another one suggested by my service provider was to change the Network Scan mode to Home Only. Settings --> Network --> Network Setup --> Set Mode and select Home Only. This is handy if you don't "roam" a lot. If you head to another country, etc, change this back to standard scan. By changing to Home Only, your phone will only connect to your service provider, which may not be available if you travel. This saves the phone from having to scan every "partner" network in the list, saving some battery life...

jger39 said...

ok some very good pointers but about bettween home only and standard scan i had changed mine to standard scan then back to home after reading this post but my reception dropped to 1 bar so i changed it back to standard and now i have 3 bars so i guess it depends were the tower is. also if i have a weak signal wont that drain my battery faster also?