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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Motorola Phone Tools - Transfer SMS Text Messages to PC Guide - Step-byStep

What should you do with all of those SMS text messages that you have stored on your Motorola RAZR V3? If you do not want to delete them, but want to save or export them, you can move them to your computer. One of the ways to do it -- and really the easiest way -- is to use your Motorola Phone Tools (MPT or Mobile Phone Tools) software to backup all of those important SMS Text Messages.

With the built in functionality with the Motorola Phone Tools software, there is a quite set of steps that will help you accomplish this with ease. This guide will take you step-by-step through the tasks necessary to complete the backup or transfer of those SMS Text Messages. If you have not purchased your copy of Mobile Phone Tools for your Motorola phone, then you may be able to purchase it from one of the sponsors on this page.

If this guide works for you, please let me know with a comment below! Here is the step-by-step guide:

1. Connect your Motorola RAZR V3 to you computer via Bluetooth or USB and start your Motorola Mobile Phone Tools (MPT).
Motorola RAZR V3 SMS Text Message Transfer to PC connect to Motorola Mobile Phone Tools - MPT

2. Transfer your SMS Text messages to your Mobile Phone Tools (MPT) by clicking on the center icon for Menu --> Receive SMS Inbox. Alternatively you can click on Ctrl+S (Control-S) to transfer the messages from the RAZR V3 to your MPT software on your computer.

3. Double-click on the mail icon in the LCD display area for Mobile Phone Tools (MPT) to open up the inbox.
Click on the mail icon in the LCD display for MPT to display SMS Text Messages in Inbox

4. Your Mobile Phone Tools inbox opens where you can view Inbox, Outbox, Sent Messages, Pending Email and Failed Transmissions. Click on a folder to view the messages inside.

5. Double-click the message to open it up in a new window and displey the details of the your SMS text message.

6. To save your SMS text messages, you can right-click on the messages and select 'Save' to create a text file for them. Or, if you want to export all messages, you can right-click and select 'Export' to export the SMS text messages to an XML formatted file.

Congratulations, you have now transferred your SMS text messages to your ocmputer.

This guide may be compatible with the following mobile phones:
A1200, A1200e, A1200i, A1200r, A630, A732, A780, A780+, A835, A845, A910, c390, C698p, E1, E1 iTunes, E1000, E1070, E1070R, E2, E398, E398B, E550, E680, E680g, E680i, E690, E770, E770V, E790, E790 iTunes, E815, E815, E816m, E825, K1c, K1cm, K1m, K1mm, K1m-Sprint, K1s, K1v, K3, L2, L6, L6e, L6i, L6-imode, L7, L71, L72, L7c, L7c-SLVR Sprint, L7e, L7i, L7-imode, L9, L9-orange, Ming, Ming Refresh, Ming EDGE, MOTOKRZR K1, MOTOKRZR K1t, MOTOKRZR K3, MOTOKRZRmaxxK3, MOTORAZR maXX V3, MOTORAZR V3xx, MOTORAZR V9mm, MOTORAZR2V9HSDPA, MOTORAZRmaXXV3, MOTORIZR Z6, MOTOROKR E6, MOTOROKR E6, MOTOROKR E6e, PEBL U3, PEBL U6, PEBL-U6, Pico, RAZRmaxxV3i-mode, RAZRV3x, RAZR3xR, RAZRV3xv, RazrV3xx, RazrV3xxi, RazrV3xxv, RazrV6, RazrV6v, RazrV6vb, RazrV6vc, ROKR E1, ROKR E1 iTunes, SLVR RED, U5m, U6, V1075, V1100, V195, V197, V215, V280, V3, V3 CTP, V3/p, V323i, V325i, V330, V330i, V360, V360i, V360m, V360q, V360v, V361, V362, V365, V367p, V3am, V3b, V3c, V3c Rev2, V3cm, V3i, V3i EDGE, V3_iTunes, V3i_Screen3, V3iv, V3m, V3mm, V3m-Sprint, V3r, V3re, V3t, V3v, V3x, V3xr, V3xv, V500, V500m, V501, V505, V525, V525m, V535, V536, V540, V545, V547, V550, V551, V551j, V551m, V555, V557, V557p, V560, V600, V600i, V600m, V620, V635, V635i, V6maxx, V710, V710m, V8, V80, V9, V9m, V9mS, W385, W385 ROW, W510, W510-orange, Z3, Z3mS, V6m, Z6tv


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot - I didn't realise the software had this feature!!

Thanks again - I've got a Motorola RAZR V3i and it worked perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Between this MPT SMS feature, Bitpim, and all the P2K crap not working for V3C SMS download I'm just about ready to shoot myself. Been trying to get my txts off my phone for months now... just about ready to play some wall tennis with it.


st0ker said...


Couldn't remember where the SMS export on MPT was, sorted again now.

Nice detailed help. I think it's a great phone but still clumsy in that it lacks SMS storage even if you've 1GB on SD. Grr. Aside from that it's good. I prefer it to the L7 I had, better size/shape and the rough metal keypad is best clamshelled out of the way.

Manny said...

I just used my MPT for the first time and I saved my incoming and sent messages. Do you know hoe to save the drafts or the quick messages? I have a Razr v3... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Tank you for the help, i really needed the solution. Thanks again, great work! All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your great...but one more thing how do i transfer from pc to the fone???...


Anonymous said...

worked well for my older motorola phone. There was no mail icon so I used the control+s and the from there got to copy and paste. Simplest explanation on the internet. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow -- thanks a lot!!! Still works 2 years after the last post! Not the control-S, but the icons, once I figured out what was what.