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Saturday, September 08, 2007

RAZR V3 with Moisture, Damp, becomes Non-Responsive, Only On / Off Works

Another post based on some questions received posts and emails. The problem this time with Motorola RAZR V3 cellular & mobile phones that are exposed to moisture, steam, condensation, becomes damp in high humidity, or during misting or light rain. Basically, what can happen due to a very sensitive moitsure sensor on the Motorola V3 RAZR is that your cellular phone may become unresponsive.

Generally speaking the symptoms are that only the red on/off button will work, the screen will come on, however the other button will not. Incoming calls can be received, and the flip hanging up works as well. There may be slight variations of this.

How do you fix the problem? Here is the solution...

Note: If you phone has been soaked or dunked in water, depending on the length of time, this solution may work work as well. However, in many cases the electronics may have been damaged or shorted. It is worth a try.

The goal is to dry out the phone as completely as possible in order to reset and clear the moisture sensor in the Motorola RAZR (RAZR2) V3 phone. In order to dry it out, remove the back cover (directions here) and the battery (directions here). Then, lay the phone, flipped open with the battery cover removed and battery removed on a flat dry surface. Finally, use a small desk fan and position the fan to blow dry air over the phone overnight.

In the morning, inspect the phone to verify that the moisture or condensation is no loger present. Then, reassemble the phone and turn it back on. The moisture sensor should be reset and the phone should operate normally again. If not, you may have had more extensive damage on the phone and it may need warranty repair or replacement.

Did this solution work for you? If so, please let me know with a comment!

Guide may be compatible with the following mobile phones:
MOTOKRZR K1, MOTOKRZR K1t, MOTOKRZR K3, MOTOKRZRmaxxK3, MOTORAZR maXX V3, MOTORAZR V3xx, MOTORAZR V9mm, MOTORAZR2V9HSDPA, MOTORAZRmaXXV3, MOTORIZR Z6, MOTOROKR E6, MOTOROKR E6, MOTOROKR E6e, PEBL U3, PEBL U6, PEBL-U6, Pico, RAZRmaxxV3i-mode, RAZRV3x, RAZR3xR, RAZRV3xv, RazrV3xx, RazrV3xxi, RazrV3xxv, RazrV6, RazrV6v, RazrV6vb, RazrV6vc, ROKR E1, ROKR E1 iTunes, SLVR RED, V3, V3 CTP, V3/p, V323i, V325i, V330, V330i, V360, V360i, V360m, V360q, V360v, V361, V362, V365, V367p, V3am, V3b, V3c, V3c Rev2, V3cm, V3i, V3i EDGE, V3_iTunes, V3i_Screen3, V3iv, V3m, V3mm, V3m-Sprint, V3r, V3re, V3t, V3v, V3x, V3xr, V3xv