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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sorry to Kenneth Gaddin for stealing your Hertz Car

Ok, another lesson for those of us who talk on our cell phones way too much. In my case, that of course happens to be the Blackberry 8800. Fortunately, this particular issue did not cause any tragedies per say. Whew.

Tonight, I caught a plan since I will be working out of our Intuit offices in Mountain View on Thursday and Friday. Generally speaking, it is an uneventful short flight on a United Airlines CRJ-700 or what not aircraft up to the San Jose airport from Los Angeles International. (Don't talk to me about Burbank)

All seemed to be in good order and I caught the rental car shuttle over to the Hertz Rental car facility. Now I was talking with Brian (who I cannot say enough good things about), who frequently reads this non-sense I post here so when I tell stories he already knows the punchlines. However, I digress. I was talking with Brian and.....

I jumped into the wrong car at Hertz. Hertz #1 Club Gold is a good thing, but when there is a board and you are talking on your cell phone and another "Kenneth" is on the board right next to your name, you might want to hang up and look again. What I did was mis-read my stall (should have been 518) for stall '47'. I jumped in the Ford Taurus, which I absolutely hate and headed towards the exit. For as junky as that car is, at least it had the Hertz Never-Lost feature. Ironically, I received an email from Hertz today about a free two-day trial of it.

The lady at the Hertz checkout looked at my ID, then at the label on the slip and then handed it back to me. She double-checked but did not say anything, but when she turned to the side it said "Kenneth Gaddin". Oops, at that point I realize I was not paying close enough attention. After a struggling turn around, the lady had me just park the car in a different location.

When I went back to the board, I learned that my car was really in stall '518' and not '47' -- good because now I had a Toyota Highlander rather than the lame Ford Tarus and I was in when I stole Kenneth Gaddin's car.

Anyways, I hope that they put Kenneth Gaddin's car back and that he was able to find it. Sorry Kenneth Gaddin, I should not have been on my phone when I was looking at the board and reading my name. I am sure this will NEVER happen again. Yeah, right.