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Saturday, September 29, 2007

USC Beats Washington or Notre Dame?

I was realy confused about who USC played today up in the Seattle, Washington. As scheduled, the USC Trojans were supposed to be facing the University of Washington Huskies. However, when looking at the television, I thought I was watching Notre Dame from the Navy and Gold unifroms that I saw.

While Washington was apparently supposed to be paying tribute to their last team to beat a #1 ranked college it, it just looked plain stupid. Stick with your uniforms, stick with your colors -- don't try to look like another team. Plus, the hats on the sideline were the traditional purple which made the navy and gold look even worse.

Does anyone remember how when Notre Dame faced USC and wore their 'lucky' green jerseys? How well did that turn out.

In terms of the game ending at 27-24 USC, it was not anywhere near that close. If it was not for the USC turnovers, the game would likely have been 49-0. On the same thread, are others unimpressed with John David Booty? Watching him the past couple of years, there has been a lot of mediocrity and very little excitement. I cannot remember him throwing a passing in the air for over 30 yards.

Tonight he was equally mediocre. Several receivers missed, thrown behind -- several of which lead directly to turnovers. I am almost at the point where I want to start calling for Mark Sanchez every game. Or perhaps, wear a shirt 'Bench Booty' at next Saturday's USC Trojans vs. Stanford Cardinals game at the Los Angeles Colleseum. What do you think?