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Saturday, September 22, 2007

USC Clobbers WSU Cougars 47-14 at Los Angeles Memorial Colosseum

Today did not look like the best day to attend a football in Southern California. However, despite the threatening rain clouds we headed down to Los Angeles Memorial Colosseum to see the USC Trojans take on the Washington State Cougars. This is the first game of three that we are attending this year, with the other two being Stanford and Oregon State. While the game was not supposed to be ultra-competitive -- it was the kick-off to PAC-10 league play for USC, which makes every game important.

Ken and Ashley at the USC vs. WSU game on September 22, 2007

While we packed like it was going to continue to rain, we hope that clearer skies would prevail near downtown Los Angeles. Our hopes for a dry afternoon were somewhat dashed when a downpour started to hammer us new Hollywood while we were on the 101 Freeway. As we approached downtown, the rain lightened and gave way to cloudy skies.

We generally get to the games a few hours early to avoid the traffic given we live about 40 miles from downtown. That gives us a good amount of time to wanted the stadium grounds, visit tailgate parties and eventually end up at the LA Sports Arena. While the arena is rarely used for any big events these days, it is setup as it's own sort of tailgate party with great Mexican food outside and beer, wine and drinks inside. Given a couple hundred seats inside and several widescreen televisions, you can relax, kick-back and enjoy that games while you wait for the USC game to start. Not to mention the added plus of clean restrooms!

Just before the game started and the clouds had cleared, perhaps that week's biggest bonehead aware goes to Washinton State's (WSU) Lance Broadus of Woodland Hills, CA. Not only did he decide not to come out with the rest of his team's captains while USC started coming out, but he decided to mix it up with the USC players. While I can appreciate his enthusiasm, it just borders on stupidity. Not to mention his head-butt of the USC players during the walk-out (see arrow in picture above where he is the midst of 3 USC players. Lance Broadus was lucky to come out of there alive.

While we did have a little rain during the first quarter, it did provide some pretty scenery. Check the shot above of the Goodyear Blimp in the rainbow above the Colosseum. The seats in the 23rd row in section 15 were a great improvement from our visit last year against the Ugly Ducklings, aka Oregon Ducks.

The game was pretty fun, although exciting for the USC fans as it was one-sided. As the final was 47-14, it could have easily been 63-0 without much effort. John David Booty got in some good plays -- just have not seen him go deep yet this year. Marc Sanchez also got a good number of snaps in the 4th quater, although the final drive stalled with his interception.

It was a good start for USC in the PAC-10, back in two weeks against Stanford!