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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nintendo Wii Channels -- My First Experience!

My frequent travel schedule of late has not provided much time to keep up with my Nintendo Wii or the happenings in Wii World as of late. The only good news on the travel front is next week I acheive Hilton HHonors VIP status of Diamond, if you travel enough, you might as well get the benefit. However, I digress. The past couple of weeks I had the opportunity to make my first try with the Wii Channels.

While some folks may have known these following things for awhile, there were some definite new learnings for me:

1. I tried out the Weather and News channels. I had visited the Weather Channel briefly right when I got my Nintendo Wii last December, but not too much time with it. I filled out the required questionnaires for both Wii Channels and accessed them. While they provided relevant Weather and News information, not sure if I will continue to access them. I do not usually look for news or weather on my Wii, do you?

2. I went to the Wii Store to see what else was available. What was news to me is that you could pay anywhere between $3-$10 (or 300 to 1000 Wii Points) and download classic Nintendo games. Pretty nice! A couple of freebies were out there including "Everybody Votes" which is a cool gadget where everyone in the Wii community can vote and predict the outcome of the votes.

3. The bummer of the day was that the Wii Internet Channel or by another name -- the Wii Opera Internet Browser is not a free download, anymore. Apparently it was free until June 30th, 2007 and then the Wii Shopping Channel began charging $5 for the browser. While not a large amount of money, it still seemed to be nickel and diming you for something that should have been included with the Wii anyways. Still, I ponied up and spent 500 Wii Points so I could have the Opera Version 9 browser with Internet access on my Wii.

Have you purchased anything on the Wii Shopping Channel or used various Wii channels? If so, let me know below!


falcha said...

can you help me? can you tell me how to unplug my wii? what mens unplug? i am not so good in english. please help me!!!