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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Apple iPhone Accessories for Ashley's 8gb iPhone

When you buy an Apple iPhone, it is difficult to leave well enough alone without grabbing some accessories for it. While you get a charger, docking station, headset / earphones and a cleaning cloth -- there is nothing there to protect your iPhone from damages.

The most important two things to protect the iPhone from are of course screen scratches and gouges, and secondly try to protect it from any falls or inadvertent drops or bumps. So, to protect against those items -- we made two additional purchases at the Apple Store in San Francisco:

1. Power Support Crystal flilm - iPhone - TN612ll/A. Basically, two screen protectors in the pack for about $15 that will keep the the common types of scratches and abrasions on your iPhone's LCD screen from appearing. It took a couple of overlays for me to get it just right and the air bubble remove. However, it was a clean fit!

2. Incase Molded Rubber Case- Black - TN563LL/A. Ashley wanted her case to be both light and the same color as her iPhone, so we chose this particular case. It seems to be a good mix of flexibility and protection from drops or falls. It installed correctly and easily. The reason for the choice of this one was covering of the corners, many of the leather and other cases do not cover these -- the most commonly damaged areas during a fall.

The only issue, is that once again Apple's Docking station provides little flexibility for any type of protective case or sleeve. So, after installing the Incase rubber case, the iPhone no longer sits nicely in it. Looks like the docking station is a throw away.

Other than that -- the Apple iPhone is setup with the first couple of accessories