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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Audi A4 2.0T Check Engine Light Turns Itself Off

Back on September 8th, I had an unexpected mishap with my little 2006 Audi A4. After some driving on Pacific Coast Highway and entering the Interstate 10 in Santa Monica, my check engine light came on.

Adding to the concern were a couple of items:
1. After I stopped the car and opened the hood to look at the engine, I found around a teaspoon worth of oil on top of the engine -- not being sure if it happened with the incident or had been left there during the last service at 15,000 miles.
2. I have a Neuspeed Engine Management (ECU) upgrade installed on my A4. Of course I was worried that the additional 40 horsepower may have contributed to an issue.

Since I had been up in Mountain View the last three weeks, my car sat in the garage -- not having the opportunity to get it into the dealership, Rusnak Audi of Thousand Oaks. Finally, last Thursday I made an appointment with Rusnak's service department for tomorrow to had the engine light looked into.

Oddly enough, on Monday Ashley drove my Audi A4 to work since I needed her car to pick up Luey from his training. Ashley called me on the way to work to mention that the engine light on the car was no longer on.

One reason that was odd, is that it appears that after 3 weeks of sitting, the computer may have reset itself. I had previously checked the obvious causes for an engine light like loose hoses or more commonly, the gas cap being loose on a newer vehicle. All items were snug and in good condition. The engine light resetting itself was definitely unexpected.

Still, I will be taking my car to the dealership tomorrow to see what they see. My guess is that the on-board computer will have recorded the incident and it can be determined what happened.

Has anyone else had this kind of issue with an Audi A4?


Anonymous said...

I recently had to take my 2006 A4 in to have the engine breather valve replaced (this caused my a problem with my engine idle (jumped between 2k - 4k RPM). Just recently I got an CEL after I turned on my AC, so I called Riverside Audi to make an appointment to bring in my car the next morning. The next morning I turn on the engine and the CEL is now gone? Not sure what happened!