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Friday, October 12, 2007

Audi A4 Fixed w/ Bad Turbo Bypass Valve (BPV) - Under Warranty

Yes, there was a problem with my Audi A4 2.0T. As I had previously mentioned -- my check engine light on my 2006 A4 turned on about 4 weeks ago and then mysteriously turned of early this week. With a scheduled appointment at Rusnak Audi in Thousand Oaks, I still took my car in.

I dropped the car off in the morning, and explained the issue to the service representative. Given the random nature of the engine light turning on and off, they performed a guided fault finding (GFF) to determine the issue. While the GFF showed some issue around the turbo, the turbo itself tested out fine.

However, after a test drive -- engine misfired during the drives and further inspection was done. Apparrently the valve cover on the Turbo Bypass Valve (BPV) had a leak and was causing the issue. The technician replaced the cover / clip on the Turbo Bypass Valve and the problem was fixed.

Perhaps the most concerning yet comical part of the day is that when I called Audi earlier in the day I spoke with another service representative other than the one working on my vehicle. During that conversation he mentioned there was a burnt valve and the engine needed a valve replacement. I did some googling after I heard that and found that a couple of other folks had issues with valves on the 2006 Audi A4's with the 2.0 turbo engine and intermitent check engine lights. Luckily, that was not me as that sort of issue would have been a more extensive and concerning problem with the engine. Luckily, that ended up not being the case.

The good news is that I have the car back -- seemingly with a little more power, which may be the case since the Turbo Bypass Valve (BPV) was leakign out pressure. Also, it could just be a mental thing. The main thing is that there was nothing "major" wrong with the vehicle or engine -- that is great news!


Anonymous said...

I have had similar problems. my check engine light on my a4 2006 has been coming on, i have taken it to three mechanics now. with a total of 4 valves needed to be replaced. first i was told the turbo waste gate solenoid valve was bad, and that was replaced (with two other valves). then the light came right back on and i was told by audi that the turbo bypass valve needed to be replaced.
there was also just a warranty recall for the intake manifold control motor and crankcase vent valve, both of mine were bad and needed to be replaced.
my issues are that each mechanic gives me a totally different story, and I don't know who to believe, and suspect each is dishonest in some way. also, that is a lot of things to go bad all at once for a 5 year old car.