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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bench Booty. Campaign to Bench the USC Trojans Starting Quaterback

Bench John David Booty. Start Mark Sanchez. It really is that simple. I am starting the campaign and petition right here and now. I was already tempted to go this way after last week's performance against the Washington Huskies. Now, with the awful performance tonight culminating with the USC Trojans losing to the Stanford Cardinals, I am convinced that it is time.

I do not have anything against the current starting quarterback of the USC Trojans -- John David Booty -- however, enough is enough. Even while John David racked up some decent numbers last year during the season -- something was missing -- the intangibles, excitement, charisma, call it what you want. And this season it has been exposed.

First off, let's look at his performance in games over the last two weeks, 3 TD's and 6 INT's. That is not a misprint, 6 interceptions -- most of which were horribly thrown balls directly to member of the other team, 2 of which were returned for touchdowns. While the statistics against Washington State were better, Booty was far from perfect. Fortunately, amazing performances by Stafon Johnson and Chauncey Washington saved the game.

Next, let's look at the majority of Booty's passes this year. With the exception of the 63 yard pass -- which was awfully under thrown and lucky the receiver was that open -- no passes have exceeded 20 years in the air. Everything had been after the catch. USC has had no long ball threats this year due to the accuracy problems. He keeps over throwing 6'5" and 6'6" receivers, throwing behind them -- constantly off!

Then, there is playing smart -- John David Booty is just not playing smart right now. Taking sacks in the pocket, not getting rid of the ball and throwing balls into double-coverage turning into interceptions. Every do not do in the game of football seems to be coming out of Booty's hands.

Lastly, there is the whole problem of mobility. Booty cannot move around in the pocket or get outside of it without a design bootleg. That is killing the USC Trojans right now.

Any way that you look at it -- it is time to consider the call and petition for Booty to get benched, and give Mark Sanchez his shot! I know the majority of the USC faithful is out there behind me, the boos and calls for Mark Sanchez tonight from the stands were clear, with even some "We want Mark" chants!

If you agree, leave a comment below! We need "Bench Booty" shirts rather that the "Booty Call" shirts!

Note: Patrick Turner may be next. He dropped three balls right in his hands this evening, two in critical situations!


Trojans4Life said...

Benching Booty unfortunately seems to be out best option. Mark Sanchez is the best QB we have now and we should give him a try!

Anonymous said...

Please keep Booty the starter.


Bruin Fan

TigerHusker said...

We're glad you took him off our hands. One Booty was enough.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to stop ganging up on John David Booty. Yes, he may not be the best quarterback that USC as seen, but he shouldn't be the only one taking the blame. Where are the wide receivers who should be able to catch his pass? Where is the O-line who is suppose to defend him? All I am saying is that, Booty is making mistakes but so is the other players. So, should be bench Patrick Turner and all the wide receivers for dropped ball? Should be bench the O-line for not being able to protect the quarterback? Should be bench Pete Carrol for not taking Booty out of the game? What about the offensive coordinator? Quarterback coach? This is a team sport!! Why is it that only one person should take all the crap!

Ken Hanscom said...

Well, the last poster has a point. If, John David Booty had not been playing this way ALL SEASON. Not to mention an uninspiring set of performances last year. The Offensive Line was pretty decent last night, Booty just could not get rid of the ball in a reasonable amount of time or escape the pocket to make a through on the run. After last night's game, all signs point to John David Booty unfortunately.

X said...

After watching the last two games I came to the same conclusion - give someone else a go. I thought it was the young receivers, initially - but it's clear that Booty doesn't have that leadership quality Leinart had. Does Sanchez? I don't know, but Booty isn't getting the job done - he looks TERRIBLE. The fact he broke a finger in the second quarter didn't help - and it makes the change easier to justify.

TMB said...

Everybody shut up... He's lost three games in his career by a combined what, 7 points? Something like that? Everyone is so spoiled. Just shut the hell up and FIGHT ON!

Matthew said...

Bench Booty! I was at the UW-USC game, and at the Stanford game and I've seen enough. How much talent are we going to waste around the ball if we don't have a decent quarterback?