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Saturday, October 27, 2007

GMAIL MAPI Service, How much longer?

While I do not read the Google Blog every day, I did catch that Google is going to offer IMAP functionality for Google's mail application, GMAIL on Wednesday.

I had been waiting anxiously for my account to change, but thus far no dice. No changes for Ashley as well. Both of our accounts still says, "Forwarding and POP" instead of the Holy Grail of "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" once it will be enabled.

Gmail IMAP functionality almost here!

For Ashley, this has been a frustration. With her Apple iPhone, the only option is POP3 which is pretty annoying. She's mentioned a few times how annoying it is to delete the emails first on her iPhone and then have to also delete them on gmail. This will all come to an end very quickly.

Looks like it will take up to a week to get the IMAP on our GMAIL, according to Google. Also, thanks to Greg Hughes' Blog, I already have a link to get the iPhone setup on IMAP functionality with GMAIL quickly.

I'm with Greg, it is hard to be patient and keep waiting at this point. At least for now, the GMAIL application on my Blackberry 8800 works great.


Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes up. Gmail through IMAP with Apple Mail is so painfully slow that it is unusable.

Ken Hanscom said...

Have you also tried it out with the Apple iPhone or only through Apple Mail? It will be interesting to see if we experience the same sort of issue you are seeing with the performance on the Apple Mail with Gmail through IMAP.