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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hilton HHonors Diamond VIP Status, Finally!

After six months of heavily traveling, I "finally" obtained the elusive Hilton HHonors Diamond VIP status today. What does it mean? There are a few additional perks around bonus points, room upgrades, and availability for any hotel with a reasonable amount of notice.

Those are pretty good perks, but it took a little arm twisting from Hilton HHonors to get the upgrade to Diamond status. The reason, if you travel towards the end of a month, and points are granted 72 hours after your stay towards the end of the month, the system does not re-calculate your status once they are applied, especially in the next month.

For example, my stay in San Francisco on Saturday night pushed me into the Diamond Hilton HHonors bracket. However, since the points did not register until today, when calculating my base points or nights (60 nights or 100,000 base points) it was not included retroactively for the period ending September 30th.

After a couple of emails, Hilton HHonors hooked me up with the upgrade. There should be word to the wise here. Hilton really should change their system to recalculate qualifications each time points, nights or stays are recorded. Currently, it appears that they are only time-based which means people are potentially loosing the status they deserve!

That being said, I am definitely looking forward to an upcoming personal trips to Maui in February and Italy next summer. Not only will they be free, but if they are anything like out trip to Waikiki last February, with the Hilton HHonors Gold VIP -- we will have both a great room and a great time! In previous visits, those had been due to the Gold status granted by the American Express HHonors card.

If you were not aware of the Hilton HHonors American Express card, that's an easy and convenient way to get Hilton HHonors Gold status.