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Friday, October 26, 2007

Holdren's Steak & Seafood in Newbury Park / Thousand Oaks

Ashley and I had the opportunity grab dinner at one of Newbury Park's newest eateries, Holdren's Steak & Seafood -- a steakhouse, that started in Santa Barbara and is now open in Newbury Park (Thousand Oaks). The main reason for this post is that on a few Google searches I could not find either the address or more importantly the phone number to make reservations.

So, first and foremost -- here are the details:

Holdren's Steak and Seafood
Phone Number: (805) 498-1314
Address: 1714-A Newbury Road, Newbury Park / Thousand Oaks (next to the new Marriott Courtyard)

This was a second attempt to try the Holdren's steakhouse. Our first attempt, the previous Friday was rebuffed since we did not have reservations when we showed up around 7:00pm.

The next Friday, we made sure to have reservations for 6:30pm. It is a warm, lively atmosphere although inside it is relatively small, with seating for approximately 70 people in addition to the bar. A good wine and beer selection including some of my favorites (Stella Artois & Amstel Light on tap).

The food and price was a pretty good value. For ~$28 you get a filet steak, dinner salad, and choice of potato. Similar steakhouses you might be lucky to get just your steak for that. Preparation for most steaks is a standard char-grilled and we also split a side of macaroni and cheese just to try, and it was pretty good. We had quite an enjoyable meal and also had the creme brulee for dessert.

While we will definitely visit again, you should just be aware of what to expect. If you expecting a high-end gourmet steakhouse like Morton's, Ruth Chris' or Mastros then you will be disappointed. If you looking for something with a good char-grilled steak, excellent value that is better than your local Stuart Andersons or Hungry Hunter, then you will have a great time at Holdren's Steak & Seafood -- we did!

Other names: Holden, holden, holdren

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