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Monday, October 01, 2007

iPhone AT&T (Cingular) Activation Goes Flawlessly

The activation of the Apple iPhone has been reported to be touchy on a few occasions for Cingular, er - AT&T subscribers. We were hoping to avoid any problems with Ashley's new iPhone purchased from the San Francisco Apple Store. Since Ashley and I live over 300 miles from San Francisco, we were hoping to avoid any issues during the activation process.

Ashley's Motorola RAZR phone was already and existing Cingular Wireless (darnit, AT&T I keep forgetting) customer for a couple of years. With the new iPhone, the goal was to move that existing account and phone number over to her new 8GB Apple iPhone as her mobile provider. The only issue is that her computer with her Apple iTunes was not available.

So, instead of using her standard computer with iTunes -- I quickly installed the latest version of Apple iTunes, 7.4.3 on my computer to facilitate the registration process. I plugged in the Apple iPhone and I went on my way.

Walking through the wizard, AT&T quickly recognized my account and my choice was to replace the existing phone with service from them. In about two minutes, the selection process was complete, along with the additional $20 a month for the iPhone data services. Now to see if it would work.

We left the Motorola RAZR phone on, not sure whether it would turn into a brick or stop working altogether. After 3 minutes the activation tone lit up on the Apple iPhone and immediately the RAZR failed to be recognized.

Pretty darn impressive, in less than 5 minutes the iPhone was working and Ashley's phone number was transferred from her Motorola RAZR. Flawless.

Anyone have a need for a relatively unused Motorola RAZR?