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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Malibu and Santa Clarita Fires - Aftermath @ Malibu Pres

Well, it seems that things are slowing down a little bit on the Malibu and Santa Clarita fire front. The Malibu fire which took Malibu Presbyterian Church from us is up in the 90% range in terms of containment.

Unfortunately, I have been frustratingly disconnected and grossly misinformed the past two days in terms of the fires. The main reason is that I am currently up in Mountain View, CA on business for a couple of days. The news up here is not very good in terms of coverage. I have been used to watching KCAL 9's live coverage and staying up on what exactly has been going on.

However, some news and developments on a couple of fronts...

Good news?

Malibu Pres's website is back online @ Check it out now.

Pepperdine Univeristy offered up Elkins Auditorium last Tuesday night so that University Ministries (a Malibu Presbyterian function) could hold their Tuesday night service.

Also, the Malibu Performing Arts Center is where this Sunday's service (one service only @ 10:00am) will be held for Malibu Presbyterian.

Eric Smith, the Youth Director at Malibu Presbyterian posted some high-quality pictures on this site ( that include Rev. Greg Hughes, Michael Mudgett, and Ross McMeekin. Great photos, part sad, part upsetting, part amazing.

Screen shot of the browser from
Photos @