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Sunday, October 07, 2007

How to Backup your Motorola RAZR Phone

Do you plan any modifications to your RAZR to unlock features by editing seems, putting on Monster Packs and doing other general hacks to your Motorola V3 RAZR mobile phone? If so, creating a backup file of your entire original Motorola RAZR V3 phone is a must! Without it, if you make a mistake -- you could turn your mobile device into a brick -- that cannot be fixed!

This installation guide will walk you just through that -- how to backup you phone so that your Motorola RAZR is safe when you do your mods. If you mess it up, you can always flash it back to the original state!

Here is the step-by-step guide:

1. You will need a flash backup program and a working connection to your Motorola V3 phone. A good program, which is shareware for the first few backups and flashes is Flash&Backup, current version 3.0.6. You can download it here. Once it is downloaded, unzip and install on your computer.

The software currently support the following models: Motorola C380, Motorola C381P, Motorola C390, Motorola C650, Motorola E1 ROKR, Motorola E1000, Motorola E1070, Motorola E375, Motorola E398, Motorola E770v, Motorola K1 KRZR, Motorola L6, Motorola L7 SLVR, Motorola L7e, Motorola U6 PEBL, Motorola V180, Motorola V186, Motorola V188, Motorola V220, Motorola V235, Motorola V3, Motorola V300, Motorola V360, Motorola V3i, Motorola V3r, Motorola V3t, Motorola V3x, Motorola V3xx, Motorola V400, Motorola V500, Motorola V547, Motorola V6 MAXX, Motorola V600, Motorola V620, Motorola V635, Motorola V980, Motorola Z3 RIZR. If yours is not listed, it may work with varying levels of success.

2. Start up the program that should be added to your Program Files and Start Menu. Verify that your settings are correct including the backup location you want as well as the language.

Backup your Motorola Phone how to guide picture 1 - How to configure the default settings.

3. Select the appropriate phone from the drop down menu, and select the appropriate code groups. For the Motorola V3, the appropriate ones include CG1 (Firmware), CG2 (Flex), CG3 (DSP Firmware), CG4 (Langpack), CG15 (DRM Graphics), CG18 (Digital Sign). Choose the appropriate backup format (my favorite is SMG (Binary files) where choices include FB3 (CAB-ZIP archive), FB3 (CAB-LZX archive), FSW (CAB-LZX archive), SMG (Binary files), and SHX (S-Records file). Then click on the 'Read data' to start the backup process. Of course, you need to make sure that the phone is connected with the green square icon in the lower left hand corner.

Backup your Motorola Phone how to guide picture 2 - choose your backup file types and settings

4. The operation of the backup start. The tool needs to change your phone into flash-mode. The following information appears on your phone: Boot Loader 08.26, SW Version:R374_G_0E.42.1.5R, OK to Program USB Transfer Mode. Press ok and the backup will start.

Backup your Motorola Phone how to guide picture 3 - Backup initiates by going into flash-mode

5. The loader now starts and backs up your files.

Backup your Motorola Phone how to guide picture 4

6. Once the backup finishes, it should take about 8 minutes and in the case of binary files, create files with a size of around 30.0MB depending on how much information is on your phone. It is important to remember that everything saved on your phone will be included in the backup, that includes notes, messages and more!

Backup your Motorola Phone how to guide picture 5

Here is an exampe log:
*** Operation start (10/7/2007 5:48:38 PM) ***
Flash&Backup 3.0.6
Read data: C:\Backups\2007-10-07_174838\...

Turning phone to Flash-mode...
Sending the loader...
Executing JUMP...
Reading the code group: CG1
Reading the code group: CG2
Reading the code group: CG3
Reading the code group: CG4
Reading the code group: CG15
Reading the code group: CG18
Operation done.

*** Operation end (10/7/2007 5:55:36 PM) ***

If this post worked for you, please let me know with a comment!


Dale said...

Cheers mate, worked a treat. The first time I went to back it up, windows asked for a driver so what you have to do is point it to the 'P2K Drivers for Windows 2.8' folder and let it find the driver its looking for. After that it will ask where P2K.sys is, so just browse to the drivers folder again and find P2K.sys hit ok then disconnect your phone, turn it back off then on again and start over.

Tyler Devereaux said...

Ken, you're amazing. 'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Works on the V3re

Oval said...

Worked like a charm on my V3xx

Spencore said...

Hey I have a RAZR V3-

Should I backup my phone if all I am doing is transferring pictures and ringtones?

Also, I may put a couple games on my phone at some point-would I want to before I do that?

I'm not sure what is considered "hacking" the phone. Is simply using P2kCommand considered "hacking?"


Ken Hanscom said...

I recommend always having a backup of any device you have. Regardless of your plans for it.


Anonymous said...

Worked great on my Razr V3.

shekinah said...

I just got a Razr V3re for my birthday and was so thankful to find your blog! I just backed up my phone and it worked just as you said. Thanks so much!
~ shekinah

Anonymous said...

I tried this on my Razr V3re, got to step 3, and recieved the following error:

"Turning phone to Flash-mode...
Sending the loader...
Executing JUMP...

The Error code on the phone was "BABC".

Any ideas? Thanks-


Esperanzita said...

Flash&Backup is saying my phone is not connected! I love my RAZR but I am desperate to back up my files so I can delete the million and one crappy wallpapers and ringtones that came on it!

I know your instructions work, but I also know you have to be smarter than the thing you're using. The phone trumps me tonight!

Ken Hanscom said...

Tracey - that's the first I have seen that one. The V3RE is on the list of supported phones, so it may be a bug in the software program. Perhaps contact the author at the website in the link above?


Dave said...

Thanks Ken!
Worked like a charm on my new att V3re.
Nice to know that the program comes straight from Moto but it's not what you'd call intuitive so I'm very glad to have found your tutorial.

I don't plan on modding other than getting rid of some of the junk files.

Very nice to have a backup!

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

9-18-2009... Worked great for me in Panama. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty old news judging by the dates of previous posts, but here goes.

If you still have a Razr V3re, Flash & Backup 3.0.7 has been out for a while and has the provision for the Razr V3re in the drop-down menu. Previous versions did not.

I am not sure how other users were able to get their V3re's flashed with previous versions of F&B. I spent hours upon hours trying to get my Razr to be read or flashed only to get an error message prior to "jumping" as one other poster has pointed out.

I can honestly report that F&B 3.0.7 worked flawlessly with my Razr V3re.

The other tool I use frequently and perhaps worthy of mention is
M-Explorer. It's not much to look at, but it is a powerful file exploration tool.

One minor drawback is that a filecache patch (I made a batch file for this) must be applied prior to reading the contents of the Razr everytime. The patch file is supplied with the download.

Once that's done, the program reveals the a/ drive and associated sub-directories on your Razr V3re. From here, you can delete wallpapers, pictures, that stock moto vid and jingle. You can add pictures, ringtones, change out the cl.gif (outer lcd image) to something you like.

Most of the information I have discussed can be found on they have an area dedicated to V3re's and an excellent forum and download area for the tools I've metioned.

Igor said...


I have done a back up and then UPDATE to firmware on my MOTOROLA V180...and after the update of the firmware to version R365_G_0B.D2.34R_A-v180.shx....the phone is DEAD.I can not turn it ON!!!! Please help and tell me what to do !!!!